What is fiber? It is an insoluble product, and what does that mean? You know there are parts of fruits and vegetables that human beings can’t digest. Cows can digest them because they have special enzymes to, but humans can’t, and those insoluble parts are called fiber. It used to be thought that these things would sweep through the bowel and kind of help sweep the colon and they were very important for that, and early on we discovered fiber was essential to prevent things like hemorrhoids or diverticulitis. Later people postulated that if we had an increased fiber diet we wouldn’t have a lot of colon or intestinal cancers. Well unfortunately that part has not been proven true. But still, fiber’s an important part of the diet. The more of it you have, certain other things make you feel better. Certainly not having hemorrhoids is worth it, but fiber makes you feel full longer. So when you eat some broccoli or you have a fiber bar, you’ll find that you will feel satisfied a lot longer than if you eat highly processed foods like cookies or cakes. So fiber is important from a prospective of losing weight, and it is important from the perspective of keeping the other side healthy too. I’m Doctor Terry Simpson, and that’s your doctor’s orders.