When a lot of people diet, they get a little bit hungry and start thinking about healthy snacks that they might eat during their diet. A lot of people try nuts or peanut butter. When you ask them why they made that choice the answer is “It’s protein. Should be good for me.” The sad fact is that they aren’t protein They are fat. 70% of the calories that come from peanut butter or nuts come from saturated fat which basically says that they are the same as eating butter. So if you are serious about dieting and thinking about snacks, incorporate fruits and vegetables instead of nuts or peanut butter. You will be a lot healthier and get back on the skinny train again.

Vegetables & fruits have more vitamins than nuts

People who have weight loss surgery typically eat less food.  So to be healthy it is important for those people to eat more nutritious foods. Many bariatric surgery patients believe their daily vitamin supplements will supply all of the vitamins and food nutrition they need. It’s important for people to know that no vitamin replaces eating a balanced diet of healthy foods. Regardless of quality or cost a vitamin is nothing more than a supplement for whole foods. Vitamins are an endeavor of science to insure that you don’t have a deficiency. But always remember that vegetables and fruit are the highest quality source of vitamins and they are much more assimilated in humans than supplements. Nuts and nut butters are not proteins – they are fats.  Most people interested in losing pounds don’t need more fat in  their diet– and fat is the highest concentration of calories there is.