Lap-band surgeon Dr. Terry Simpson

When you start thinking about losing 10 lbs., instead of thinking about losing it over a month or over a couple of months or 3 months, think about losing it in a year because then we can make it easy. It’s called power of 96. Did you know that if you cut down 96 calories a days that over the course of a year you would weigh 10 lbs. less. That’s it. Just 96 calories a day. So we’re going to start talking about some substitutions that you can make in your everyday life that can make those 96 calories a day. One of them today that we’re going to talk about is pretty simple–some juices. A lot of people look at juices and say, “Wow that’s a great juice. Why don’t I drink that? That’s got to be healthy for me and it may be. But instead of having this juice you have this water, you’re going to save yourself over the course of the year well over 96 calories a day. A simple substitution, 10 lbs. in a year. I’m Dr. Terry Simpson. That’s your weight loss doctor’s orders.