Video Transcript:
Did you ever look at yourself and say, why do I weigh so much? How did I gain that five pounds? Where did that come from? I don’t think I’m eating that much. Maybe I’m eating too little. That’s not really true. If you’ve gained weight, it’s not because you’ve eaten too little. So there are some simple things that are going to help you determine if what you’re doing is effective and if you’re losing pounds and to keep you out of trouble. What we like to call this is “Scale or fail.” By scale or fail we mean you need two different types of scales to lose weight.

The first scale you need is the one to weigh yourself. Because we want you to weigh yourself every week. At the end of the week we want you to look and see did you make your goal or not. Your goal shouldn’t be any more than a pound a week.

The second thing that we want you to do to for permanent weight loss is to enable yourself to be able to look back by recording what you’ve eaten. The best way to do it is at the same time you are eating. Because think about it, can you remember what you ate last Thursday? The brain just is not programed to remember what you eat. We’re not wired that way. Which is why it’s great to have all of these new diet apps on telephones that you can sit down and see everything that you’ve eaten recorded. It can be entered very easily. Some phone apps even have voice recording where you can say, “Please note that I ate one hamburger and French fries today from McDonalds.” That’s the easy way to record your calories. Or you can do it the old fashioned way by just writing it down. That way at the end of the week you can look at it. If you decide the food that you ate caused you to gain pounds. You need to change.

What about the other scale (the one for food)? The other one is about portion size. Most people think that they are eating four ounces of meat and they have no idea how much they are really eating. If you’re not eating the right portion size, you’re going to gain pounds. So learn to use the kitchen scale. Learn to use the bathroom scale too. Learn to record the foods you eat by writing them down (when you eat them) and you will find your way to success in your diet goals.