Video Transcript:
Welcome back to Daytime. It’s New Years! and the most common resolution is for weight loss. Joining us now is our Daytime residence weight loss Doctor Terry Simpson. There are so many diets out there. Do diets work? None of them seem to. Why is that?

Diets don’t work for a very simple reason. They can work to lose a little bit of weight for a little bit of time. But two bad things happen. Number one – you get hungry. Number two – your body retains fat the more you try to diet and restrict yourself. So they really don’t work. Finally what happens is people end up eating the same things they did before the diet. So their weight will creep back (yoyo dieting). What happens with the body is, it says, “Wow we just got through this famine. We need to restore that fat and let’s store a little bit extra.”

…and the more you restrict your diet, the more your metabolism slows down to keep you alive. Right? It wants to keep as much fat on you as possible. So it’s a bad idea?

It’s a bad idea.

So how do you get started then to lose some weight?

The best way to get started is first assess what you are eating and decide what you can change, because this is truly about lifestyle change. It is not about let’s do a quick fix. It doesn’t work. Next, make a very reasonable plan for how much you’re going to lose. If you’re going to lose ten pounds, don’t do it in a month. Don’t do it in three months. Do it over the course of a year. A hundred calories less a day is ten pounds in a year. That’s a teaspoon of sugar in a meal. So it’s not that much.

You’ll just get depressed and disappoint yourself. Right? If you make these unrealistic expectations (such as), “I’ve got to lose twenty pounds before my vacation in two weeks.” Ridiculous.

Absolutely, it’s a silly thing to do. Not only that, it just absolutely changes what you do. Because what happens is that your body gets so used to that it just becomes an efficient fat storing machine (yoyo dieting).

Any particular foods that we should definitely be adding to our diet that will help?

Increase the fruits and the vegetables. It’s the stuff mom said and it really works. You know a cup of broccoli is twelve calories.

Isn’t broccoli a miracle food?

Well I don’t know if there are any miracle foods. It has a lot of micronutrients and the vitamins that you need. So it’s a great thing. Another thing is to avoid certain foods. Instead of making potato the big vegetable, make the broccoli the big vegetable. Instead of having a lot of rice and breads and pastas, have more vegetables, have more fruits.

But you don’t have to eliminate any of those things right?


If you’re going to have a potato, wouldn’t a sweet potato be better than a big white potato?

Absolutely, it works better. It has a slower increase in blood sugar. It works a lot better for you.

Let’s talk about moving. A lot of people think, “Oh no. I’m going to have to join a gym. I’m going to have to work out for an hour a day.”

Working out is a great thing to do. But number one, be careful. Do it slow. Get some professional advice. Don’t just go off and go on an elliptical for an hour and a half. Number two, the thing to remember is working out is not as efficient as eating less. When I was a kid (you were probably not even born yet) McDonald hamburgers were 290 calories less than they are today. For me, my size, my weight, my height, to work out that one hamburger is two and one half hours in the gym with weights. It’s much easier for me to eat less than to go to the gym and work out for two and one half hours.

I think shows like the Biggest Loser as inspiring as they are, they also frighten people. Because they see people yelling over other people. You see them in the gym and it looks like that’s all they’re doing is working out. It’s got to be intimidating.

It’s an unrealistic show. It really is. Because what happens is they take these people away from their native environment. What they don’t show you is they don’t feed them that much. They feed them really well. But not that much in terms of calories and that’s where a lot of the weight loss comes from.

So keep eating. Just modify what you are eating.


Don’t deprive yourself.

Not at all.

Very important.

Two things don’t work in weight loss – shame and deprivation.

Right! Three meals? Or five meals? Are you one of those?

If you do five meals, you are what we call a pre-op patient for weight loss surgery.