Video Transcript:
So you want to lose weight and you’re going on a diet. Because you have just a little too much fat and you’re thinking, “I need to go on a diet and I need to be on a low carb diet.” What does a low carb diet mean for a lot of people? It means this, that you are going to eat protein (meat) and you’re not going to eat any carbohydrates (breakfast cereal, banana, apple, potato, whole wheat bread and beans). Here’s the problem with a low carb diet. You body has two ways to store energy. One is as fat which isn’t good because we know what fat does. It’s not a good thing for your body. It can cause heart disease and kidney disease – all of those bad things. But your body does another trick. The other way that it takes care of holding glucose is something called glycogen. Glycogen is good. Glycogen is just a molecule of a bunch of sugars your body builds to store it. So if your blood sugar goes low, it leaves off a sugar and brings your blood sugar up. Why is that important? Don’t we want to get rid of sugar? No, because if your blood sugar is low, you can’t think. This thing (holding a model of a human brain), your brain, goes to sleep. It goes into a coma. You know when we’re called to a hospital bed and someone’s in a coma, the first thing we check is their blood sugar level. If it’s low, we give them glucose. They wake up! When they wake up, the world is open again. Politicians don’t make sense any longer. That’s when we know they’re not in the coma.

But what about your diet? You want to burn a lot of fat (and lose weight). Here’s the thing about burning fat. You can’t burn fat without glycogen. When you go on an all protein diet the first thing your body gets rid of is glycogen. Here’s the problem with that. The reason you lose all that weight at first with a low carb/high protein diet is because you burn off all your glycogen. For every pound of glycogen, you lose two pounds of water. You get a huge weight loss and you think you’re doing great. You’ve got to love all that steak you’re eating and all of that cheese. But you’re burning off all your glycogen. All the things that keep your brain working and your heart working. You know what? If your heart doesn’t have enough glycogen, you know what happens? You die – your heart stops.

So, you want to do a proper diet? Let me show you what you should do to lose weight. You eat a lot of these foods, as many fruits, vegetables, grains and starches as you want. Here’s what you don’t want. You don’t want any processed foods (examples shown: breakfast cereals coated with and/or made with a lot of sugar and processed flour). If it’s got a label on it, don’t eat it. You want to eat a little bit of protein. That’s fine. But protein isn’t the basis of your diet – fruits and vegetables are. For Your Doctor’s Orders, I’m Doctor Terry Simpson. There is one processed food you can have and that’s wine.