Video Transcript:
What is easier to do, get off of heroin and stay off of it or lose weight on a diet and keep it off? That’s the question on today’s Your Doctors Orders. You know there is a common saying that it is a lot easier to get off of heroin and keep off than it is to lose weight on a diet and keep it off. Where do those things come from? In the 1950’s there was a study done in New York where they took a hundred people and found that after awhile 95 of them had regained the pounds that they lost. Well, that was the 1950’s. All they did was give them a diet and send them on their way and follow them up. Their conclusion was that people just don’t stay on diets. That’s kind of equivalent to today. If you just buy a book or buy a diet book, go to a diet program or get a CD, not much difference. Your chances of getting those pounds off and keeping it off is less than five percent.

Today we have we all sorts of new weight loss tools. We have exercise, psychological counseling. We know about the microbiome. We know about evolutionary biology. So what do those new things tell us? Is it still the same? Let’s go through the list. The microbiome. You’ve all heard about the guts. Maybe it’s our bacteria that makes us fat. It’s not what we eat. It’s our bacteria. You know the bacteria of your gut change depending on what you feed it. Well, sadly your gut’s bacteria are going to eat your Burger King as well as they are going to eat your vegetables. If you overeat, it’s not going to change it.

What about psychological counseling for weight loss? Since the 50’s, we’ve had advances in behavioral and psychological techniques and even something called intuitive eating. It’s all been checked. In fact, since the 1970’s we’ve know that psychological counseling just doesn’t help with weight loss.

What about exercise for weight loss? You see these things about exercising for weight loss. You exercise. You get buffed up. This time of year there are gym memberships for sale for like ten bucks a month. It’s got to be good! But did you see the recent study out of Arizona State University where they put women on an exercise program and found that at the end of three months they were fitter, but some of them were fatter. Now there were some who lost some pounds after the first month. But most of them didn’t. The conclusion was if you don’t lose weight after a month of exercise, look at what you are eating.

What about evolutionary biology and diet? What are we meant to eat? Are we meant to eat vegetables? Are we meant to eat meat? Are we meant to eat grains? What is it? Well that’s a logical fallacy called a biotruth. When you follow that out to its conclusion, human beings weren’t meant to have needles. Human beings weren’t meant to fly on airplanes, have computers, have YouTube, none of that. But we do! That’s a logical fallacy. So when we look at all of the studies, all of the diets and all of the pills that we have today, the conclusion is still the same. Sadly, it’s very hard to just diet and keep the weight off. You have to change lifestyle. You have to change the way you eat, the way you approach food. The best place to start is your kitchen. So to sum it all up, yes it is easier to kick heroin than to lose weight and keep it off. For Your Doctor’s Orders I’m Doctor Terry Simpson, watch those holiday pounds.