Video Transcript:
Hello! I’m Doctor Terry Simpson and I’m the doctor that supervised Evo Terra’s beer and sausage diet. I want to talk to you today about the five things we learned about weight loss with that diet. So let’s start. The first thing we learned about diet and weight loss is that science wins. Now you can imagine people saying, “Eating beer and sausage! How can that be good for you?” Well guess what, we found that he did this diet three years in a row — every October. What we discovered was this. Every year he lost weight. Every year his cholesterol went down. Every year his triglycerides went down. Every year his blood chemistry got better. We didn’t know that ahead of time. Couldn’t have predicted that ahead of time. But what did we learn about weight loss? Science wins. There is nothing, nothing like doing an experiment to find the truth.

What’s the second thing we learned about weight loss with the beer diet? A calorie is just a calorie. Now people will argue with you and say, “Metabolism slows down when you eat protein and complex carbs.” Evo and I designed his diet to be 1,500 calories a day. We predicted there would be weight loss. He actually lost more weight than we predicted. He ate less. His total calories were 1,500 a day. He lost more weight than we predicted.

The third fact for diet success is “Scale or Fail.” You know where most people fail on their diets? They fail on their diets because they forget to understand the portion size of what they’re eating. They don’t measure it. They say I can drink all the beer and eat all the sausage I want and lose weight. The answer is, you can’t. He had six beers a day, limited his sausages so that his total calorie count was 1,500 a day, and he lost the pounds. So this is not do anything you want and eat unlimited amounts of food.

The fourth lesson we learned is “Science is greater than statistics.” What do I mean by that? You’ve probably heard all of these studies that say processed meat is bad — like sausages Evo ate. Or, things like beer is bad. These studies are based on large amounts of statistics on large groups of individuals followed over many years. Their relative value or the statistical significance is very small. When you test it on an individual, science beats statistics. Statistics can be interpreted a lot of ways.

The fifth fact about the beer diet? Vegans and Paleos are not going to be happy. Paleo diet people will tell you that beer – well, that’s grain. Grain is bad for you. If you eat a lot of grains, you’re going to end up with a great big belly – a beer belly – Evo didn’t. The Vegans aren’t going to be happy because of the sausage. They are going to say, “Sausage, that’s meat. Meat’s bad for you. It causes all those bad things. Cholesterol should rise and all those horrible things should happen” – it didn’t.

What the beer diet ultimately taught us is that science still wins. It doesn’t matter if your viewpoint is Vegan or Paleo. Science still wins. While those might be good frameworks for a diet, we really need to find out what specific foods will work in a diet. We just don’t know and it’s worth testing. In the meanwhile, my wife wants me to help her design another diet. As a scientist, I think it goes something like a wine diet (Terry pours a glass of wine and takes a drink). For Your Doctors Orders, I’m Doctor Terry Simpson – good day!

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