We make losing weight as easy as it can be

Weight loss is achieved using very simple, basic, fundamentally sound principles that you follow consistently. While saying that we know that losing weight is a difficult problem for people genetically predisposed to be overweight. Disinformation is your biggest enemy in your quest to lose excess pounds and keep them off. Look at the magnitude in the number of diet programs in this world. Work-out videos, flash cards, portion-control plates, pills (both prescription and non-prescription), patches, exercise machines, gadgets, prayers, along with endless advice from people who have never had a weight problem…all make this relatively simple process, very hard to understand.

Meet a weight loss surgeon that really cares

Terry Simpson is a concerned surgeon who has applied himself to solving the mysteries of weight reduction. Truth is, it’s a lot easier then people think, but a lot harder (and safer) than taking a pill. While there is no easy way out, there is an easy way to understand what you must do. The first mystery is there is no mystery. It all boils down to changes in your lifestyle you must decide to make. No one can do it for you, but we can show you the easiest path and give you professional yet caring support.

Are you ready to join our weight loss program and be a thin person?

It largely boils down to eating less food. The pleasures of food and psychological dependence are your largest enemies. Duh…you know this. Ask yourself, do you want to use diet pills and supplements with ridiculously unhealthy diet programs the rest of your life? Or do you want to learn what to eat and understand your dependence on food consumption? Like anything else that you have applied a haphazard temporary fix to, someday you must face the problem and fix it in real terms. Are you ready?

Understanding yourself is the largest mystery in losing weight

Dependence on food is like any other addiction. You start winning and gain confidence that you have control. You feel you have mastered the substance and can use it occasionally. Time between occasions becomes less and less until you are continuously using and addicted again. You look and feel bad and trench emotionally. Beaten you are even more dependent. Each cycle reinforces the fact to yourself that you are weak, dependent and pathetic. As you get older the cycles increase and you give up. Low self esteem grows to hatred and fuels the process. As you grow older you get hungrier and hungrier.

Support Groups are your key to permanent weight loss

Emotional well being can be the starting point for a long term cure for obesity. Bariatric surgery can be a good solution for people genetically predisposed to be overweight. When Dr. Simpson performs weight loss surgery, he knows that it can be a miracle for people that are truly ready to face all the issues that have caused them to be overweight. But he also knows it can be defeated if a person has not made lifestyle changes. The cycle of food addiction may begin with low self esteem, not with being overweight. Emotional well being can be very hard to gain because it can be caused by past events. We have support groups of real people, people that have problems that caused them to be overweight. Up to a point they can be all you need to overcome low self esteem. If you have large issues, and many people do, Dr. Terry Simpson will help you find the help you need.

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Balance three things and you will lose weight

Diet, exercise, and emotional well being must be addressed for you to be healthy and thin. You can lose weight without exercise but only to a point. You will never be truly healthy without exercising. When you gain weight you lose motion. Regain motion and you will regain youth. Youth translates to energy. Energy burns calories.

We give you a weight loss solution that works!

We have all the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Because Dr. Simpson cares about the success of his patients he has made understanding diet as easy as it can be. He knows and you should know that pills and unhealthy diet programs will hurt you and in the long run waste a lot of money. He will help you find causes for your being overweight and teach you about a diet for your lifetime. He will show you how to eat healthy without losing the pleasures of food. He will give you the personal care you need.

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