Lowering Cholesterol with weight loss surgery—how to keep the blood slick! Just about everyone has his or her cholesterol level and lipid levels checked these days. Elevated levels of blood cholesterols are not a good thing, and can lead to heart disease. Elevated levels of triglycerides also can lead to disease of the heart and blood vessels.

The most often advertised drugs in the United States are medications designed to decrease the blood levels of cholesterol and lipids. Weight loss also will decrease blood levels of cholesterol and lipids and may lower them enough that you no longer need that expensive medication for them. While some diets claim that avoiding fats will lower cholesterol, and other diets say avoiding carbohydrates will lower cholesterol, no one disputes that getting rid of excess body weight will lower your cholesterol and lipid levels. Cholesterol and lipids are the things that cause those nasty plaques on the blood vessels and these lead to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and so forth.

Being overweight can cause sleep apnea

—Snore, stop, snore some more

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes people to stop breathing for periods of time when they are sleeping. Apnea is another fun Greek word, meaning “without breath.” Being breathless when your romantic partner sees you is great, but when it comes to sleeping—if you want to wake up rested, it is better to breathe. There are a number of types of sleep apnea, but they are all related to obesity, and sleep apnea can be a source of obesity all by itself! There are three types of sleep apnea—obstructive, central, and mixed. Obstructive is when some part of your airway flops down and obstructs your ability to take a breath while sleeping—sometimes as you take a breath it comes in as a snore. Central apnea is the lack of a signal from the brain to breathe, and “mixed” is a combination of the two. All types may be cured with weight loss surgery. When you stop breathing at night your brain wakes you up a bit, so you take a breath, this leads to a long restless sleep.

Sleep apnea causes a restless sleep and can lead to high blood pressure, memory loss, narcolepsy, poor attention span, heart problems, impotency, and an overall sense of not being well rested. It is responsible for automobile accidents, as victims of it may fall asleep at the wheel of the car while driving.

Some people develop sleep apnea at a certain weight. There are treatments for sleep apnea, so if your partner thinks you snore a bit too much you should be tested. A number of patients with sleep apnea syndrome are cured within several months following weight loss surgery. A good night’s sleep makes you feel more energetic the following day, and with more energy, you can exercise and lose more weight. Your metabolism will be higher the day after a good night’s sleep—again promoting weight loss.

Being extremely overweight can destroy your joints

—They were not designed with this weight in mind

A number of patients come to bariatric surgeons because they need a hip or knee replacement and the orthopedic surgeon refuses to perform it as long the patient is morbidly obese. Even if you don’t need a new hip or knee, imagine your entire weight on a joint. Losing weight is a great way to keep your joints healthy as long as you can. Besides, walking feels better if you don’t have as much weight on the joint.

Pseudotumor cerebri – a brain condition possibly resolved by weight loss

This is a condition where the brain has a bit too much spinal fluid in it, and because of obesity, it cannot release it. This can cause severe loss of function, blindness, headaches, and a number of other problems. Weight loss will cure this in many cases.