Weight loss surgery – support’s in the kitchen

I do a lot of different weight loss surgeries and we have a couple that we really like. But you know what’s more important than the weight loss surgery you are going to have? It’s how you change your life. That’s why we are filming this from our kitchen, because you may think the operating room is the most important room. I can tell you as a weight loss surgeon who has done more than twenty years of weight loss surgery; it’s what you do in the kitchen. So at Southwest Weight Loss, whether you’re going to get a Gastric Sleeve, or whether you’re going to get a Lap-band, or whether you are going to get a Gastric Plication, or a combination of weight loss surgeries, here’s the bottom line. We’re going to provide you with the tools that you can learn to master your weight loss surgery and you’re going to learn it in the kitchen. You may think that’s not a good thing to do because you haven’t cooked a recipe in years and it’s hard to make the time to do it. But, If a busy weight loss surgeon can do it, so can you. So take a look around at our site. I hope you enjoy it and I hope we can help.

Why do we base our weight loss surgery support out of the kitchen?

…because every weight loss surgery limits the amount you can eat. Eating small portions, weight loss surgery portions, requires nutritionally rich foods. We tell our weight loss surgery patients to take multivitamins purely as a safety net. Really good multivitamins can be made of real food. More often vitamins are derived from chemical sources. All vitamins are only a stopgap. Vitamins, whatever they are made of, cannot deliver nutrition anywhere near as effectively as real food. Even though they are a pill (typically), they are still processed food. If they are good quality vitamins, they are not junk food by any means. But, they are made by man and so cannot be compared to whole foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood and meat in their ability to supply you with real nutrition. It’s like comparing hitchhiking to first class air travel. One way you might get where you need to be, but maybe not. The best way assures you arrive with everything you need. Why are we saying this? Because it never fails.  Every once in a while we get a weight loss surgery patient who after their procedure eats the same processed foods they did before it. They do it because they believe vitamins will supply them with all the nutrition they need. They won’t, and taking them in lieu of eating whole foods is a good way to damage your health. Look at vitamins as you do insurance. They can’t bring back the important personal things, such as the pure health you’ve cherished all your life. You use them to minimize the possibility of future catastrophe. They might give you something back but not the complete, personalized real nutrition you need for a state of perfect health.

So now that we’ve popped your vitamin bubble, what should you do to stay healthy? We are not taking anything from you when we say vitamins are not a path to health. We may be giving you life. Additionally, almost every longevity expert will tell you that to live a long life you must eat less food. In fact, the less you eat, the longer you will live (given that you don’t have any congenital diseases or contract illness). This is a hard one to take. Many people (this author included) eat more than they should trying to get a variety of food to be healthy. You think you must eat that last bit of kale because it is good for you, even though you’ve already eaten too much. Sorry, but if you consistently eat too much, even in the name of high nutrition, you shorten your life. This varies based on your age and activity level. Athletes and young active children need considerably more food than sedentary people. Along these lines there is a phenomena you need to avoid.  Frequently people who in the past exercised still think their body chemistry is that of an active person. If you’ve given up exercise or lessened your activity for over two weeks, you are no longer an active person and you should reduce your calorie intake accordingly. Lots of people quit working rigorous jobs by choice or retirement and end up overweight with their health and life span seriously compromised. 

Now do you understand why are we doing weight loss surgery support from the kitchen? It’s a fact.  Most people eat way too much food to live ninety years (or over). Adding fuel to the fire, many overweight and obese people eat highly processed foods and get their nutrition based on the shear quantity of empty calories they are consuming. Low quality food has less high quality protein, vitamins and fiber. So, your body cries out for more food (more nutrition) and so you eat more empty calories trying to fulfill your craving for nutrition and you overeat every time. The technology, science and health care are in place for you to live over ninety years. If you remain active, eat less and have good genetics, you can bank on a long life. If you don’t, you won’t.  It’s just that simple. There is not a better reason to have weight loss surgery than a long healthy life. But it’s just wrong for people to get weight loss surgery without knowing how serious it is for them to improve their diet. Take comfort in knowing that all people should eat like they’ve had weight loss surgery. To be successful with weight loss surgery, health and longevity you must balance your nutrition. You must measure the amount of food you eat and not eat any more. You must chew completely to facilitate digestion. You should eat small bites to appreciate the food you eat (you really “must” do this one too or dinner will be over in a minute). The bottom line is this.  If you prepare your own food, you can make it taste so it will impart flavor in your mouth minutes longer than processed food. We will show you exactly how to do it without fail – in your own kitchen. If meals take longer to enjoy, you will eat less. We know this to be true based on years and years of studies we have done with weight loss surgery patients in our practice. We know every trick for you to save money while eating a long, long lifetime of high quality food. That’s what we are all about…