Weight loss Doctor Terry Simpson teaches bariatric patients to cook

Hello, I’m Doctor Terry Simpson. I’m a weight loss surgeon. I want to tell you just a little about our experience with weight loss surgery, and probably the most significant discovery we learned and how it changed my practice. I spend more time teaching my patients how to cook than I do operating on them. This single fact has done more to revolutionize our practice than anything else that we have done.

In over twenty years of weight loss surgery, we have a number of bariatric patients who are highly successful. Those bariatric patients fit into the single group of people who have gone from morbid obesity to normal weight and have maintained that over five years. Every year I’ve asked these bariatric patients a number of questions: when do they eat, what do they drink and habits about exercise and stuff. One year I asked a question that I hadn’t asked before, “Do you cook now, something besides reheating meals which is throwing packages of food together, and did you cook before your bariatric operation? What do you eat now that you didn’t eat before your procedure? The results were astounding. More than any other factor, patients who cooked who didn’t cook before, lost significantly more with their bariatric operation.

We also have a group of patients that have never left morbid obesity in spite of some of the best and most aggressive weight loss operations that can be done. When we asked them if they cooked, most of them don’t — over eighty percent. All of them pretty much eat the same things they ate before their bariatric operation.

So that changed our practice. So now what we do is we teach our bariatric patients to cook. In fact, when bariatric patients come to our office, the very first things that we have them sign is something that says that if I don’t cook now I promise that I will learn how to cook. I promise that I’m going to learn to cook something different every year, and then my habits will change. It’s right there on the bariatric operation consent form. We feel that strongly about it. So I’ve kind of gone from this guy who did a lot of weight loss operations and some vascular operations, to someone who describes themself as a cook, and I do a few operations on the side, and I teach a whole lot of cooking to patients. I’m Doctor Terry Simpson. Good day!