Governor Chris Christie gets Lap-band Surgery

Governor Chris Christie asked himself about getting the operation, “As I get older can I stay this weight and continue to be as active as I am today, and I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t.” He had his operation shortly after Scottsdale Doctor Connie Mariano expressed publicly that Christie’s obesity could affect his long-term health and the possibility of his running for President in the future. Dr. Mariano served as Physician to Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Governor Christie said he had the operation for himself and his family (not for his political prospects). He wants to enjoy the second half of his life and live to see his grandchildren. At the time of this writing, he has lost 40 pounds.

Dr. Terry Simpson explains the operation

This is the least invasive weight loss procedure. When Governor Christie went into the hospital Saturday morning under an assumed name, he left that same morning. The device is placed around the top of the stomach. The inner portion of the Lap-band is similar to a balloon and can be inflated or deflated to adjust it perfectly for each individual. A fill port is placed on top of the rectus (abdominal) muscle, just under the skin. But, even if you have six pack abs, the port won’t be seen. This procedure allows you to eat a smaller portion of food and not be hungry later. How long before you start shedding the pounds? You start shedding the pounds right away because you are eating less and because early on we have you on a liquid diet so everything heals properly. But then you start eating less and by eating less you will lose pounds. It seems so easy. Is this operation the easiest method out there? Easy is relative – it does require discipline. All bariatric operations require that you change your habits – you eat better, you cook better. All bariatric operations require a little discipline. But, this procedure is easy to do. Is it something that will stay on forever? It is – but it can be removed pretty easily too. It comes off pretty simply.

What are some of the other bariatric options out there? The RNY gastric bypass – that’s what J. D. Hayworth had. There are the Gastric Sleeve and Duodenal Switch. There are a number of bariatric operations out there. This operation probably became the most popular simply because it is so easy and is the least invasive. It’s just a piece of silicon with a little balloon inside. How long is the procedure? It only takes about 20 minutes to do. It will be interesting to follow Governor Chris Christie’s progress losing his extra pounds with this procedure, because he is so public. We’ll see him on TV and see how much he loses. Good for him to start the process of losing the weight. It will be good for his health.