Why diets fail – the role the Hypothalamus plays in weight loss

Just about everybody who comes and talks to us about getting a Lap band has been on a diet. Diets are discouraging. There are two things people notice about diets: 1. You get hungry on them 2. You stop losing weight after a while. Both of those functions are regulated by a part of the brain called the Hypothalamus. It’s a part of the brain you don’t have any control over. Meaning you can’t will that part of the brain to do something for you. The Hypothalamus is regulated by the stomach. Here’s what happens. If you eat a small amount of food, the Hypothalamus recognizes it and 2 hours later it sends out a hormone that causes you to be hungry. You’ve probably seen this before when you’ve had a Lean Cuisine, a Jenny Craig or a Nutri System meal. Two hours later you’re hungry. The other thing that the Hypothalamus does is it regulates fat storage. If it decides you are in a time of famine or you are starving yourself, the body tries to hold onto your fat because it wants to preserve your life as long as it can. This is very discouraging to dieters because what happens is the first week you’re all excited. You lose 5 or 10 pounds, the second week half of that, the third week half of that. Eventually even though you’re dieting you’re not losing weight. You’re hungry all the time. It’s very discouraging and you kind of feel low or run down because your body has suppressed your metabolism. The Lap Band works at that same center. Here’s how the it works:

Lap-band controls hunger and fat storage by controlling the stomach’s signal to the brain

It is placed around the top part of the stomach. What happens is it amplifies a signal to the brain. As food passes by the band, it passes by very quickly. It just goes right past it. This signal goes to the b rain is amplified so the brain thinks you’ve eaten more than you have. This doesn’t mean you’re going to feel full in your stomach but you will full in your head. If you eat a Lean Cuisine size meal with the lap-band, you would find you be satisfied and not hungry for hours but that part of the brain also regulates fat storage. Even though you’re eating less, the brain still thinks you’re eating more. It thinks you’re in a time of plenty. It thinks you’re eating a lot so it makes it very easy for your body to utilize its excess weight or its fat. That’s how the lap-band works where diet and exercise don’t work. If you’re considering the Lap Band, think about it. It might be the solution you need to get to the weight you want.

What is Dr. Terry Simpson’s concierge support system?

Many years ago when Doctor Simpson started his practice he realized that all forms of weight loss surgery required extensive post operative support. Without it, many patients will fail. Determined that his patients are going to have the best opportunity to succeed, Dr. Simpson developed a system of support that is unparalleled. Dr. Simpson delivers more high quality systems, support tools and programs than any other surgical provider. All these tools are precisely developed and administered only by experienced professionals holding medical degrees in each specialization. When you join our family, you get more access, service and support from Arizona’s most experienced team. Here are just a few examples. Please explore our site to learn more.

Dr. Simpson gives you health insurance coverage for Lap-band surgery complications.

When you don’t have heath insurance or if your plan doesn’t cover weight loss surgery and its complications, you may be taking a big risk with your family’s security. You may have planned for the cost of the surgery. But you might not be financially prepared for additional medical costs required to treat complications. Dr. Simpson is considered to be one of the best bariatric surgeons so your chance of anything going wrong is small. But we go one step further in protecting your family’s security.

The Lap-band is superior to other weight loss surgeries because it is adjustable…

…and tuned precisely to your system. To adjust it, fluid is injected into or removed from the unit through a port placed just under your skin. Don’t worry, Dr. Simpson is the master at getting your Lap-band adjusted with a minimal number of fills. Many surgical providers charge over $300 for every adjustment. Others will give you a couple of free fills and then charge you for every one. Not only do our patients pay less for Lap-band fills – we also offer pre-paid fills at a very reduced rate.

Our doctor, Terry Simpson personally administers most of our support groups

With other surgical providers the surgeon gives you surgery and somebody else gives you support. Sometimes the person leading support groups isn’t a licensed dietician and they might not even have a degree. New support practices are discovered all the time. Administering support requires a capable professional able to research and apply new practices. On the rare occasions that Dr. Simpson is away, our experienced and degreed dietician leads support groups. Unlike many other surgical providers our doctor, Terry Simpson administers most of our support groups. That’s right…the doctor does the support.

How many doctors have given you their mobile email address?

Put another way, how many doctors allow you immediate access to them? This means that on a Saturday or a Sunday, or in the evening, you don’t have to wait until Monday or even the next day to get your message to Dr. Simpson… …and you get an immediate response. The photo to the left is Dr. Simpson explaining to a group of new patients that they can contact him anytime that he is awake. Dr. Simpson will meet you at his office or the hospital in the event of an emergency. If Dr. Simpson’s patients have problems, they get solutions right away.