Shawn’s injury caused him to develop bad habits that made him overweight

Shawn didn’t have a problem with weight, until he broke his back in a helicopter accident. Before the accident Shawn loved to work out. He was a big jogger. Afterwards he couldn’t exercise at all. Without exercise Shawn developed a lot of bad habits. He started smoking about a pack of cigarettes a day. He ate bad foods and quickly gained weight. Before he knew it he weighed over 220 pounds. Because he was overweight he became depressed and abused his body even more. Then Shawn took a hard look at himself and said, “This has got to stop.” Shawn had back surgery putting titanium rods into his spinal column. He experienced horrible pain. Because of pain he could hardly function and he could not sleep. Extra pounds were putting pressure on his back. Then he found out about the Lap-band, a safer procedure that can be easily done so you are in and out of the hospital in only one day.

Shawn chose Dr. Terry Simpson to do his Lap-band surgery

 Why? The professionals at Southwest Weight Loss make getting Lap-band surgery easy. They have the right attitude and know what they are doing. After having his surgery Shawn appreciated being able to call the office and actually talk to the doctor. The staff at Southwest Weight Loss reassured Shawn and always answered all of his questions. Lap-band surgery requires a big change in diet. Shawn found the doctor and his staff always available to him so he confidently knew exactly what to eat and what to do in any situation.

After Lap-band surgery Shawn was able to start exercising again

Before having surgery, Shawn could only walk 15 to 20 minutes and be “wiped out.” Now after surgery, Shawn does a lot more walking and hiking. In fact he can easily walk a couple of hours without exhaustion.  Before Lap-band surgery Shawn watched a lot of television and played a lot of video games with his kids. Now he feels great about being able to go to a clothing store and buy waist size 31 pants instead of size 40. With the weight gone he feels comfortable in his own skin and has more confidence. Feeling better about himself  improved his performance at work. He feels better about what he is doing. Now he is not afraid to get up and talk to large groups of people. Shawn will tell you that It’s nice to look and feel good, but it’s even better to know that he may have avoided health problems that would have plagued him in the future if he continued to be overweight.