Lap-Band surgery changed her life!

docjineane222Jineane¬†will tell you that her story is the same as a lot of people. She was a little overweight as a child and always had a small problem with her weight as she grew up. Members of her family were big people that were also just a little on the heavy side. She came from a family of big eaters. She jokingly says that as she was growing up, she would say that she could out-eat any man she ever knew. She was Miss Arizona and Miss USA but all of that brought a pressure for her to appear a certain way. She then got into news casting and had her two baby boys, Cody and Austin. That’s when the battle with her obesity became really tough. One day her General Manager called her into his office and asked her, “What is your problem? Why can’t you keep the weight off? What is wrong that you can’t stay in good shape?” Those questions crushed and embarrassed Her. Weight loss had become a constant battle for her.

Then Doctor Terry Simpson came on the air at Arizona Midday

He was doing Jineane Ford’s show. She was interviewing him about Lap-band surgery. She not only found Terry to be a great guy, but he was also very down to earth and approachable. She found herself talking to Terry more and more about the procedure. Terry then suggested to her that maybe she should try Lap-band surgery. One thing lead to another and Dr. Simpson did her Lap-band surgery.

Jineane Ford found Lap-band surgery to be an easy procedure

She went into the surgical center at 1:00 PM and walked out at 4:00 PM.¬† The surgical procedure was less than half an hour. It was quick with no affects, and she was back to work in three days. She says that this device is the most wonderful tool. She has kept fifty pounds off for almost four years. But the best part about the Device is that all the everyday stress of worrying about what she was going to eat is gone. She no longer worries about if she eats those Oreo cookies or if she eats this and she eats that, how it’s going to affect her weight gain or loss. Worrying about her obesity preoccupied her time and she is amazed at how much energy she wasted worrying about eating and how it was going to affect her waistline. Now after having the procedure, she doesn’t even think about it.

With Lap-band surgery you don’t have be miss out on eating anything

If you are really craving something, you can still have it. The difference is that you can eat just a small portion of it feel as though you’ve eaten a tub of it. Jineane Ford wishes she would have done this years earlier. She had a former employer say that he wished she had done it a few years before she got out of the news business.

Jineane Ford – I was in awesome hands with Dr. Terry Simpson’s group

Southwest Weight Loss isn’t a fast in and out clinic. You know that Dr. Simpson and his staff are always there to help you. You can call the office anytime and they are right there for you. You know they are really good people.

Lap-band surgery changes your whole life – Jineane Ford loves it.

Her mom had one too! She had hers first, and she loves it as well. This device is an awesome tool. You must work with it by eating healthy. But you can have a little bit of whatever you love to eat and it’s not going to kill you. But the biggest benefit is taking away the stress of dieting. She remembers going on this diet or that diet. She was always going on a diet or coming off one, let’s do a juice fast, let’s get this weight off really quick. She was constantly wasting so much energy trying to smash into a certain pair of pants. That’s all gone now. This procedure gives her more energy to focus on the important things in life.