Losing weight with Lap-band surgery can help you get your health back

Jineane Ford further explained that people don’t understand how much 50 pounds of excess weight really is. Not only is it visibly unsightly, it can really have a bad effect on your Health. Prior to surgery her blood pressure was “sky high.” She was on two different blood pressure medications. But now she no longer has to take blood pressure medications. She lost her high blood pressure after she lost her excess weight.

Being overweight makes you embarrassed and want to hide from people

Jineane Ford did not go to past Miss USA reunions. This was her first one. She explained that she “kind of hid out” for a long time because she was embarrassed about being overweight. Lots of people are embarrassed about their weight and feel helpless when diet and exercise fails them throughout their lifetime. Lap-band surgery is for people who have earnestly endeavored at losing weight using diet and exercise to no avail. You don’t have to be embarrassed about your extra pounds any longer. Jineane Ford was in the public eye as a television show host. She was always embarrassed about being 50 pounds overweight. But she lost that weight and kept it off and she went to her reunion proud about her new body. Most people can use this procedure to lose a lifetime of obesity if they learn how to use it.

Jineane Ford explains how Lap-band surgery works

She took out her little model – a rubber stomach with a lap-band around it. With it she shows you where the device is placed just like a tiny collar around the top of your stomach. Then she showed the fill port that is placed under the skin of your belly so it is available for saline injections or withdrawals to adjust the device (don’t worry, the port is placed in such a way you hardly know it’s there). Adjustments make it so your Lap-band can work for you the rest of your life. Other weight loss surgeries may become less effective over time because the surgically reduced stomach anatomy can stretch. Getting a Lap-band is so easy to do.  Jineane Ford went in for surgery at 1 PM and went home at 4 Pm.  It’s done with laparoscopic surgery and there’s no cutting of the stomach. Dr. Simpson is a very capable bariatric surgeon. He can do Single Incision Surgery so there is only one small scar.

Lap-band surgery is a wonderful tool for weight loss

It’s not about deprivation. If you love Big Macs…you can eat them. But now you will be satisfied with eating 1/4 of a Big Mac and still be completely satisfied (instead of wolfing down two Big Macs). There is a psychological component to this device. When you can be full with less food you can stop and think about what and why you are eating.

Doctor Terry Simpson is a fantastic weight loss surgeon

But equally as good is the support system he helped to create with his professional team. The Lap-band is a weight loss tool. Like any powerful tool, you have to learn how to use it. Jineane Ford tells you that Dr. Simpson teaches you how to use the tool so you will succeed with weight loss. He and his support team give you an entire education about how to eat and how to think about eating. You learn how to purchase, prepare, enjoy healthy foods. She emphasizes the necessity of good support. You have to work with this divice, not against it. Liquid calories and soft foods that “slide right through” are examples of foods that work against the Lap-band (and weight loss in general). Getting any bariatric procedure requires a change in lifestyle. That lifestyle is best taught through an advanced and precise support system developed with much forethought and diligence by trained professionals. This is the most important thing Dr. Simpson offers you.