LAP-BAND® Success: Jineane Ford

Lap-Band surgeon Dr. Terry Simpson performed weight loss surgery on Jineane Ford in 2006, and the Arizona broadcaster and former Miss USA is a shining example of the weight loss success that can be achieved with lap-band surgery.


Lap-band surgery is for people who have tried dieting without success

Jineane Ford’s successful Lap-band surgery proves it to be a great alternative to diet and exercise. She is not afraid to teach everyone about her operation. She has been a size 8 for four years at the time of this video. She proudly stands up during the video to show her award winning figure is back to stay. She was a size 14 before having her weight loss procedure. Now she is a new person reminiscent of the beauty who won Miss USA in 1980. Fans who became familiar with the heavier Jineane Ford on television are amazed at her new shapely figure. As a daytime TV show personality, she had to share the stage with a cohost who was a size 2. Frequently the topic on her show became the new diet and exercise programs she would try. There were a few embarrassing  times for her because of being overweight.

Jineane Ford finds Lap-band surgery and bariatric surgeon Dr. Terry Simpson

She was doing a show featuring Dr. Simpson and Lap-band surgery and that’s how she found him…on her TV show! After the show, she decided that this procedure was for her. She talks about how fast and simple this procedure was – in at 1 PM and out of the surgical center at 4 PM.  It is laparoscopic surgery with almost no scar. She explains that the Lap-band can be filled to restrict eating and un-filled so you can eat more. She laughs as she tells about a recent cruise that she had Dr. Simpson do an un-fill for so she could cheat and eat all she wanted. Her point being that this is a tool you can use to live your life the way you need to so you can lose weight and enjoy it.

After Lap-band surgery Jineane Ford gets off blood pressure medications…

…and she kept all her weight off. She was on three types of blood pressure medications. She shows a five pound fat model measuring about 15 inches long and 6 inches in diameter explaining that she lost 10 of them from her beautiful body because of having this procedure. She explains that there is a lot of wasted energy and stress when you try one diet or exercise program after another with no results. She was losing weight and then gaining back even more pounds doing what they call yo-yo dieting. She exclaims that after this procedure  all that stress is gone…it’s all gone. She says this tool is like being on a long leash. You can run and play just like always. But if you go a little too far it gives you a little tug as it keeps you from overeating.

Why did Jineane Ford choose Doctor Terry Simpson?

Because Dr. Terry Simpson is hands-on and takes you through the entire process himself. His people stay with you all the time and will hold your hands while you go through classes and support groups that ensure your knowledge and success. Jineane is worried about many providers who offer weight loss procedures like drive-through fast food without the proper support. They will often fail to teach you how to work with the procedure. A few people leave the country to have this procedure and come back to find they can’t get the support and information they need to succeed with the Lap-band. This is a tool and like any tool you must learn how to use it. Because of that, post surgical support is one of the most important elements to consider in choosing your provider. As a newscaster, Jineane Ford had more information available to her than most people. She could use any method or surgeon she wanted. This video will help you understand why she chose Dr. Terry Simpson.