Just some of our successful Lap-band patients

Weight loss surgery with the Lap-band can treat and possibly cure diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. Greg Padilla is one of Doctor Simpson’s patients  Greg was taking medication to treat these diseases until he had Lap-band surgery.  After years of helping people defeat obesity and associated illnesses in their lives, Greg used the Lap-band to save his own life…you can too.

Pam Godfrey – The Lap-band caused my life to begin again at 50. Lap-band surgery is the tool that allowed me to lose the weight and get out of my shell.  My quality of life is so much better now.

Candice Yatsinko, a Lap-band surgery patient lost 70 pounds in 6 months.  She talks about  her life long battle with being over weight using Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.  At the age of 42 she decided to change her life.  She carefully researched weight loss surgeries available today.  She explains why she chose the Lap-band and Dr. Simpson, about her learning experience with the band and how band fills work.  She became the greatest mom in the world from a mom that didn’t do much.

Dr. Terry Simpson is a Lap-band surgeon that is always there to support his patients.  In her video, Kelci Stephan testifies that Terry is also easy to communicate with and fast to get back to you when you need him most.  What more could you want in a doctor?  How about more experience than any doctor in the area along with superior inspiration that will promote your success in losing all the weight you desire.  Terry is not alone!  Terry’s staff is equally as good in providing more caring support than is available anywhere else.

Nancy chose Lap-band weight loss surgery to lower her cholesterol and blood pressure.  In her video she talks about attending Dr. Simpson’s Lap-band surgery seminar where she learned everything necessary to make her best choice.  She is another that tells you Dr. Simpson delivers an unbelievable level of high quality post-operative support and that he is the most accessible doctor you will ever know.  She refers to her one year post-op anniversary as her “Bandi-versary,” celebrating the best decision she has made for her life.

Robert had his Lap-band weight loss surgery 10 months ago.  For the first time in 20 years his BMI is less than 40.  He did several months of research about the weight loss surgeries available before making his decision to have Lap-band surgery.   He found that bypass procedures have a fairly high mortality rate and that the Lap-band is much safer and fully reversible.  He is another big fan of Dr. Simpson’s support groups.  There he learns how to succeed in using the Lap-band weight reduction tool.

Does Lap-band weight loss surgery improve a young man’s prospects in life?  You be the judge.  Which version of Matt Dixon do you believe would have a better chance competing in a job interview…the Matt Dixon before surgery or the one after Lap-band surgery?  Matt is proof that Lap-band surgery can help you win the game of life at work, at play or socially.