Lap-band surgery can help you breathe easy again. We hear this from so many patients. Being overweight taxes your respiratory and cardio vascular systems. Frequently, it is very difficult for an extremely overweight person to catch their breath. You can solve this problem with Lap-band surgery just like April Allen did. Not only can she breathe again, she can buy regular clothes. She doesn’t have to shop the “Plus Size” stores anymore.

Extend your life! Lower your blood pressure using Lap-band weight loss surgery. It’s hard to believe that just 8 months ago Kendra Kuehn weighed over 200 pounds…too heavy to be able to ride a horse. More serious was her “sky high” blood pressure which had her worried that she might not be able to see her grandchildren grow up. Now Kendra rides horses, hikes and does whitewater rafting. She has regained her life and thanks Dr. Terry Simpson for it. You can too.

Lap-band weight loss surgery can increase your ability to be an active person. It’s difficult to move when you are carrying extra pounds. In fact, a few extra pounds will limit your ability to exercise. Tracy Vandegrift is a horse rider whose extra weight made her feel awkward when riding. The solution? Lap-band surgery made it easy for her to lose 45 pounds quickly. Now, not only is it easier for her to ride horses, she looks stunning. This is an example of the Lap-band’s new level of safety allowing people to use it, even if they have less than 50 pounds to lose.

Food obsessions can be eliminated with Lap-band surgery. The Lap-band makes it so you feel full with less food. You are just not hungry anymore. Candy Lesher didn’t have a food obsession. Food was her life. In her job as a food magazine editor and reviewer, Candy works with rich extravagant food every day. Candy thinks the Lap-band is a marvelous thing because she works as a culinary professional and still lost 60 pounds. She hasn’t been at this weight since high school.

Diabetes can be reduced or cured by losing weight with Laparoscopic band surgery. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 20.8 million children and adults in the United States, or 7% of the population, who have diabetes. It’s important to remember that losing even a relatively small amount of weight can make a real improvement in reducing your risk for diabetes and other serious conditions.

Lap-band weight loss surgery gives you control of your weight and your life. That’s what Angelina Ghrist did, take control by losing 92 pounds and 12 dress sizes. People that have been extremely overweight for years can’t do it alone, no matter which tool they use. They need help. Angelina refers to Dr. Simpson and staff as amazing & incredible allies delivering tremendous support. We can help you with one of the better programs available. We are compassionate and caring, no matter how overweight you are.

Are you embarrassed and depressed about being severely overweight? Have you tried all the weight loss programs with no results…Jaclyn Konyen did. She was embarrassed when she went to work, the grocery store and even when she visited her own family. She lost her embarrassment after losing 112 pounds using Lap-band surgery. She used to try and hide the fact that she was overweight. Now she is as thin as she was in Jr. High School. In her video she tells you why Lap-band surgery is the most amazing thing.

The whole Cooper family got Lap-band weight loss surgery because Tom and Sue Cooper realized that they are genetically predisposed to be overweight. They gave their children years of healthy life by allowing them to get control over their weight early on. The cost of weight loss surgery is nothing compared to the cost of a lifetime of obesity. Every year a child remains overweight affects their long term quality of life. Why not help your children live longer and healthier? Why not build their self-esteem and in turn their ability to succeed in life?

Lap-band weight loss surgery can make your life so much better. Vallerie Roller took a second mortgage out on her house to pay for her surgery. Was it worth doing that? Prior to her surgery Vallerie was in a wheel chair and had to use canes to walk. After surgery she lost 100 pounds and then she lost the wheel chair and canes. Was it worth regaining the capability to walk? You be the Judge. Vallerie exclaims that “Life has never been so good.” Obviously she thinks it was worth it.