dr terry simpson

Weight loss requires you to change your taste in food

Did you ever eat something and find it was too salty, or too sweet? It is a new week and use this time to see if you accomplished your goal this week. Weigh yourself – do you weigh more or less or the same? Don’t be afraid – even if you gained weight you want to know where you are to figure out where you are going. While you start I am going to make a second cup of coffee with my Aeropress coffee maker and you take this time to weigh.

The first habit to get into when losing weight is to be aware of where you are and where you are going. Ignoring the scale won’t help, it won’t change if you have gained weight. But weighing every day won’t help you either, because weight loss isn’t a straight line – even if you just had major weight loss surgery. Weight loss isn’t easy.

There is one thing that does help: you have to change the things you eat and often your taste in food. But what does help is that as people start to go away from the foods they use to eat they find that their tastes change. Take soda as an example. After weight loss surgery some patients tell me it is the hardest thing they give up – then the day comes when they try it again and find that the soda just doesn’t appeal to them – it is too sweet.

Scientists this last week reported that the successful weight loss patients changed eating habits and when tested with their old food found that they just didn’t like it anymore. Their tastes changed.

So here is your plan for this week: make the list of food you are going to eat – make certain in the food there are seven servings of fruits and vegetables (1/2 cup is a serving). Plan on for the next month avoiding the foods that are not in your goal: ice cream, soda, candy, chocolate, peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, cookies, bread, and chips. None for the month – and concentrate on getting some new foods in that are healthier.

Your body will get use to less sugar, less salt, and excess fats and oils. As it does you will find you have lost the taste for those and you will be on your way.

Weight loss isn’t always about eating less of what you ate before – weight loss is about eating differently. Weight loss means you will be in control of what you eat. And what was shown in the recent study is that your tastes will change – you just have to give your body a chance.

– Have a great week