Lose weight – stop consuming candy, chips and soft drinks

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

I’ve been thinking about this letter for a couple of weeks. Did you ever have news you just were bursting at the seams to tell people? It is always quiet in the morning when I write these – interrupted by the sounds of the coffee machine as I make another cup of coffee. Every now and then my son, JJ, will wake up – soon to be four he still asks for milk – one day he will join me with some coffee.

There was an economic analysis done about the various factors leading to obesity in the United States. They looked at factors like economists do, and their reason was to determine what policies should be adopted to decrease obesity.

Here was the key:

  1. “Examining time trends for which there are data, what jumps out are changes in food availability, in particular the increase in caloric sweeteners and carbohydrates. Average daily discretionary calories from salty snacks, cookies, candy, and soft drinks now exceed the discretionary calories recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for energy balance and essential nutrients and the ratio of consumed to recommended discretionary calories is a significant predictor of BMI in the population”

It is so obvious that they see it – we eat too many snacks. Asking thousands of patients what got them to obesity the most reflective note that the food they eat between meals gets them in more trouble, even as they strive to eat meals they think are healthy. People who are on medications that increase appetite note while their meal volume goes up, it is the availability and ease of getting those sweet or salty snacks.

In your journey can you see that? Can you see how those small “100 calories” snacks add up? Then you try to make up for eat by eating well, but it is just overcome by the grazing?

For more I wrote about that in my blog and you can find that here.

Friday I signed the lease for the new office – this week the office is closed while they pack up and move. The new address will be 9377 E. Bell Road, Scottsdale, AZ. We are excited to move to the new office, away from the construction of the light rail system. It is easy access off the 101 Freeway system.

So enjoy your holiday weekend. This is Memorial Day weekend in the US where we honor those who died in the service to our country. Standing in the cemetery in Normandy where I saw my dad give a salute to his fallen comrades left a deep impression on me. My dad, 88 years old, made the trip back a to where he and others landed on Omaha beach. So while you enjoy Monday, remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so you could be there.

Have a good week – weigh yourself, check your progress, figure out why you didn’t make your goal and keep trying – and avoid those snacks. For those who are my patients- I look forward to seeing you in my new office.

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