The secret to weight loss vs. the certain path to obesity

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon


Hi! For those who are mothers – a Happy Mother’s Day to you – and if you are not a mom, then find a mom and give her a hug because I think moms are the most amazing people on the planet.

Did you ever wonder what the secret to weight loss is? Did you ever wonder why some people fail the operation? Let me get another cup of coffee (I’ve been up since 4 am and so this will be my fourth – yes it is Peet’s and no, I am not paid nor do I get free coffee from them).

The secret to success is eating fish, lots of vegetables, and taking time eating – and never was this seen so well as one patient who – four months after surgery is down 53 pounds. She had a lap-band no fill yet. Ask what she does – and it is a simple plan.

Contrast that with another patient who in that same amount of time is down 2.5 pounds and had a more radical surgery removing 90% of the stomach. Reason – Lots of junk food.

It isn’t the tool, it is what is done with the tool.

So what if you don’t have surgery – and want to lose weight?

The answer is the same: it isn’t a diet that works, it is changing what you eat – how you eat – and enjoying a new life. When people “fall back” into old eating habits – it isn’t falling back – it means they haven’t changed what they eat. It means they haven’t developed a new habit.

So for today’s exercise do this: write down what you are going to eat today – every bit of it. Then you have a plan. Mine: coffee, banana, vegetable medley at noon, apple, apple, and rack of lamb for dinner (it is mother’s day) with green beans. Dessert because it is mother’s day – not going to happen.

So, everyday write down your food plan, your snack plan, and then :

Start to cook at home, and the best kitchen appliance – a Sous Vide – why? Because it is easy to cook meats and vegetables – for anyone. It is the way that the finest restaurants in the world are cooking their proteins – so why not you? You can see my current favorite sous vide machine here (I already ordered this one and if you don’t have a sous vide machine – get this – and no, I am not a paid endorser ).

Second kitchen appliance – an instant read thermometer – and learn to cook not by recipe, but by science. Take meat out of the oven at 140 degrees internal – a fast read thermometer will give you an accurate reading in 4 seconds – where those dial ones take forever (or so it seems).

For some fun – check out the new Facebook Page called “Fork U: – it is a fun and entertaining view of food and science.

Find me on Google Plus. If you are a patient let me know and we will invite you into our support group.

It is Sunday – weigh yourself, see what you ate this last week and if you made your goal – if not look at what you ate.

Happy Mother’s Day!