Diet myths – six beliefs that are sure to make you a weight loss surgery candidate

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon


Good morning! As I am writing this I am drinking some ice cold green tea. Did you know that there are good studies showing that people who drink several glasses of green tea a day have more weight loss than those who don’t? When I have new patients I always encourage them to get off soda, or other high calorie drinks, and drink some green tea instead (no artificial sweeteners please). There are hundreds of varieties out there – so brew some up – and add it to your regimen.

A few of my favorite diet myths:

Peanut butter is protein.

It isn’t. It is a low quality protein, but there is far more fat than protein – and as much as I like (no love) peanut butter, it tends to stick with me in a way that I don’t like it. Most commercial peanut butters have a lot of sugar in them .

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It isn’t. It does not “jump start” metabolism – your body does that just fine. The calories for breakfast count just as much as the calories at dinner and if you are not hungry don’t force yourself to eat it – and please don’t think you have to have a protein shake in the morning – coffee (or green tea) is fine.

Yogurt is healthy.

It is just a dairy product made from curdled milk. It often contains a lot of sugar (especially the low-fat kind). The difference between most yogurts and ice cream is about twelve degrees.

Salads are good.

Just look at the people who are around the salad bar. When I interview patients for weight loss the most common statement is, “I love salads.” Salads are typically low in fiber, low in nutritional value, and the dressings are high in fats and calories. Steamed vegetables are much better – like broccoli, asparagus, kale.

Chicken is good for you.

Chicken is a difficult meal to cook, unless it is done Sous Vide style,and I find that chicken breasts are tasteless. It isn’t that good for you – but what is better is salmon – find some great stuff and make it with recipes found on my site. Tilapia is “chicken of the sea” and one of my favorite white meats – its a fish.

Exercise will overcome bad eating.

Unless you spend hours at the gym working hard (like my friend Chris Brogan) there is no way you can overcome bad eating with exercise. Exercise is good to relieve stress and keep you out of the kitchen.

Favorite quote of the week “I tried the eating out diet. Its one of the reasons I had to get the lap-band.” George who quoted that always takes my quotes and says I should put it on a t-shirt. I think that should be on a t-shirt.

Learn to cook. Sous Vide style is the best and easiest.

Till next week