Weight loss happens when you eat foods that make you work

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

Even though I loved having my Peet’s Coffee while I was out of town, I love my coffee at home. Yes, it was the same Peet’s but coffee at home is so much better. Part of the reason is these are whole beans, that are ground when they are used, so they are fresh. The coffee is made at precisely 180 degrees F, and is a near perfect cup every time. But it takes some work to enjoy great coffee – the beans have to be ground, and that is work, and it is messy and it takes a bit of effort. Last week, I scooped the ground Peet’s into the coffee machine and made eight cups at a time, but by the end of the bag the coffee didn’t have that flavor or aroma it had at first.

Now, you think I am talking about coffee here, and I am, but it has a point and that point is about food.

The more work you have to do to get food, the less you eat. The more work your body has to do to process the food, the fewer calories your body gets from it. Let me give you two examples:

That 1 pound lobster you get is about 3/4 shell and about 1/4 pound of lobster meat. Yet when you are done eating it you are quite full.

If you have walnuts that are “shelled” you can eat them by the handful. But get some walnuts that you have to crack and somehow you don’t eat as many of them.

Back to your body:

Have some rolled-oats for breakfast and they do “stick to your ribs,” but if you have steel-cut oatmeal you will find that they last longer and provide less hunger.

Peel an orange – most are not easily peeled, and eat it. Do that and you will find you will eat one and be satisfied for a long time. Drink orange juice- and you can drink a lot (with the calories). Your body works harder with the orange- it has fiber, and most of the fructose is bound to that fiber. Then the fiber is good for your colon health. It is not the same as the “pulp” you find in the juice.

Eat a steak – have four ounces, you will get a lot of great nutrients from the beef and feel satisfied for hours. Drink a protein shake, even with more protein in it, and you won’t feel the same. Your guts don’t have to do much work to extract that protein.

The more your guts have to work for the food, the more you have to work for the food – you end up eating less, and getting fewer calories.

So for me this morning- I am working at grinding some beans!

Good to be back (until tomorrow morning). Have a good weekend.

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