Snack for weight loss – don’t spontaneously eat unhealthy fattening food

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

I know that I am boring when it comes to coffee but let me tell you that I am at a hotel, and I know that they have coffee makers, so I brought some fresh ground Peet’s coffee with me – and that is what I am enjoying right now.

Do you get hungry at the same time every day? Do you find that as you get hungry you reach for things that are not always in your plan? Then you have to think- did you plan to eat that?

I once had my friend, Jim Hunt, draw a cartoon for me (which I can’t find) of a vending machine that had asparagus in it. Because when you are hungry what you won’t find around is a vending machine with asparagus, or broccoli, or some healthy snack that will keep you satisfied until dinner comes.

The other part about that equation is this: you tend to eat what is close, handy, available, and the more times you pass by that candy dish the more likely you will have some.

Is there a point – well, there is, and let me pour another cup with some real cream. So, why is it that I am drinking Peet’s in my hotel room this morning? I am drinking it because a week ago I ordered ground Peet’s from Peet’s dot com, and knowing that this hotel had this type of coffee machine. I am getting to a point – really, and it all works together. My routine is to have coffee in the morning. I have been to this hotel before, I know the coffee machines that they have, so I arranged, ahead of time, to have some Peet’s sent to me to bring it with me here. If I didn’t bring Peet’s, then I would get the hotel brand, which isn’t my brand – it is ok, but it isn’t perfect.

You know that at 10:30 am you are going to be hungry, or 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Happens everyday. So what can you do?

You can plan to have things around that are healthy – that you will snack on and know they are ok. Because if you don’t plan for that as a success then you are planning for the failure. You can also take your friend’s candy dish and (after lunch) move it somewhere that is harder to see or get to. Just like I planned for Peet’s this morning, you can plan for your snacks today.

What do you like for a snack that is healthy? If you asked Jeff Pulver, who has lost 120 pounds in a year – he keeps blueberries and slices of almonds around – which is better than the muffins and other items he use to eat.

So what do you like that is fresh and healthy that you can have around for a snack? How about fresh Bing Cherries, or Mt.Rainier cherries, or blueberries, or apples? When people tell me they have M and M’s for their grandkids, I wonder- “what would happen if you had fresh cherries instead? And, then you wouldn’t be eating the candy either because it wouldn’t be there.”

What about dried vegetables, edamame or dehydrated green beans?

So there is your task: List out your favorite snacks – that you can buy and keep around. If you are a patient of mine then you can use our google plus group. If you are not on google plus then please get an account: and you can find me at – and if you are a patient you can get into our support group online at the Google Plus area.

OK- go plan, and let me hear from you!

Off to do 10,000 steps –