Super Tasters can be overweight because they prefer bland fattening food

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

As I write this I am still thinking of the delicious meal I had last night.  But before I talk about that I need a second cup of coffee.  If you like cream in your coffee (or other things) you might be a super taster – which means you don’t like the taste of bitter too well. Interestingly, most of my weight loss surgery patients are super tasters – and the bad news is they are so sensitive in their tastes that they tend to go bland in food (meat and potatoes) but if they let they will be able to discern fine flavors – it is acquiring a taste for bitter, which is a flavor we naturally shy away from.  So – cream for my Peet’s coffee this morning.

There is a lot of science to weight loss, on the other hand there is a lot of “woo” – or pseudoscience. Since many people are professional dieters they have been subject to the nonsense for years, and have ideas and often those ideas really don’t lead to weight loss – but they adhere to them as strictly as gospel. Often they will come and say that they don’t understand why they are not losing weight when they feel as if they are “doing everything right.”

Weight loss doesn’t occur through anorexia. It doesn’t happen when you eat less food – it happens when you eat better. 

The first demonstration was a dinner that not only contained some savory meat, but plenty of green beans and the entire dinner was under 300 calories. 

If you want to see an article about the dinner, as well as the science behind it click the photo:

It is the start of a series I am doing called Eat Big BUT Small. The simple purpose is to show combinations of food that provide nourishment, volume, and will sustain you for hours.  

Back to taste buds as I finish my coffee – if you are a super taster, and tend toward the bland foods of meat and potatoes, you should know that you are not forever relegated to the high fat, high sugar, large volume food. You can train yourself to acquire a taste for a wide variety of great foods, become the amazing palate – and be able to discern a lovely variety of flavors. You probably didn’t always like coffee, or some vegetables, or some cheeses, or wine, or beer – but you have the ability to tell those flavors apart.

Girl Scout cookies in the news – don’t buy them – Thin Mints don’t make you thin.

Have a great week