Are prepackaged diet meals good for weight loss surgery patients?

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

Good morning from a hot Arizona! Now that summer is officially here, I have changed from hot Peet’s in the morning to iced coffee.

Pretty simple – made the coffee, add ice – drink. Of course, you could go to a local How do prepackaged diet meals taste? - Medifast, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystemcoffee shop and pay several dollars for that. You buy for convenience.

Ever try those prepackaged meals? You know, Medifast, Jenny Craig, and Nutri-system. All of them sent to your home and if you eat those and a salad you will lose weight. I was surprised at how many weight loss surgery patients use that service – so we started doing some taste tests as well as some remakes of the more popular items.

Here is what we discovered: weight loss surgery patients can make those items for about one fourth the cost, and they taste so much better. Which brings me back to my theme:

Weight loss doesn’t happen in the mail, it happens in your kitchen. Those who get those meals do well for a bit, and then they stop them and regain weight. What happens to our successful weight loss surgery patients: they make things in the kitchen, find out the foods they like the best and make appropriate portions.

Now they are eating the foods they like, adding spices for flavor,changing ingredients to make them better. It is pretty easy to buy 3 ounces of great beef instead of having a “steak” frozen and sent by one of those companies. It is pretty nice to use fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, and instead of using a microwave to use the stove.

Did you ever watch Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Impossible? In restaurants that he makes better one key is changing from frozen foods, to made-to-order fresh foods. Not only does it take the restaurant less time to make, it costs them less, and the patrons love that food better.

I want all my weight loss surgery patients to get in the kitchen, make some real food – start and enjoy it. I posted the article about this here.

So what new recipe are you going to try this week?

Find me on Google plus – if you are a weight loss surgery patient of mine we have a private group just for you.

Have a great week!