To gain weight and eat little or to gain weight and eat more – that is the question

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon


Good morning! I’m drinking some fine Metropolis Coffee this morning. A change, but with all the family in town we ran out of Peet’s so thought I would venture out a bit. Tim Horton’s Coffee wasn’t available, but hopefully I will have some of that soon.

How to Gain Weight and Eat Little:

Eat all your meals at one time, put the majority of your protein in one meal

You should strive not to have a “big” meal of the day – but three small meals, protein throughout it. High quality protein – and if you think “red meat” is bad for you – well, it isn’t. The studies are clear that steak won’t raise cholesterol, increase risk of heart attacks, or increase risks of cancer. Old myths that people fall into all the time

How to Gain Weight and Eat More:

Always a trick when someone says you can do this: unless you have a lot of plants (whole plants) in it. What you cannot do is: have six small meals a day – never works, and proven wrong. You cannot snack on things like chips, candy bars, or have dessert every day. And a special occasion is a rare event, not a more than once a week – and less for sweets is better that is what makes eating them “sweet.”

How to Feel Better:

Every day set aside 30 minutes for you. Just plan on walking for that at first, or something simple. But it is time away from the TV, internet, Facebook. It must be some activity – and think in a year you will be doing more crazy stuff, but start today.

Walking helps relieve depression,and exercise is better than any medication for arthritis, including bone-on-bone, as well as fibromyalgia and other chronic non-defined diseases. Get off the couch and walk.

Thank you:

My father-in-law did great having his cardiac stent this last week. He is back into his routine of walking, and we had a lovely birthday dinner for him last night. Thank you for your kind wishes.

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Weigh yourself, look at your food journal, if you made your goal this week great. Keep it up. If not – new week, and time to do something different.