Weight loss surgery patients should not do high protein diets

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon


First Happy Father’s Day to you dads out there. You know I became a dad later in life, and my son is going to be four this year. Father’s Day has become my favorite holiday of the year: not that I want anything, but Weight loss surgeon Dr. Terry Simpson wishes you a happy Father's Dayjust a day to enjoy thinking about the honor of being a dad. Right now my little boy is sleeping, and I am enjoying a fine cup of coffee- how about you?

During our weight loss surgery support this week protein came up again, as if protein is some magic agent that will cause people to lose weight. It has been a popular type of diet on and off for over a hundred years, but there are dangers and I wrote about them in my blog here. Protein isn’t a diet food, protein is a macronutrient that your body needs.

The early weight loss in protein diets isn’t fat – it is glycogen and water. That isn’t a good weight loss, in fact that is why people feel horrible in the early phase of protein diets. But when people go back to the “high protein diet” they used to get rid of weight they find they don’t lose as much, because they gained more fat and getting rid of fat isn’t as simple as getting rid of glycogen.

Glycogen is a starch your body builds for maintaining a homeostatic blood glucose level,as well as providing energy for muscles to work. You use up glycogen stores when you fast, when you exercise hard, or when you are on some crazy diet.

But the most astonishing fact that weight loss surgery patients don’t know is this: without glycogen you cannot use fat as an energy source – and you cannot make glycogen without a source of carbohydrates.

So I want my weight loss surgery patients to use some simple rules for eating: eat a lot of plants, avoid junk food, sugars, and anything processed. When it comes to protein – it isn’t magic- you need just a bit, and fish seems to work the best.

I hear my son waking up – I am going to go steal a hug and enjoy today – you do the same.

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Happy Father’s Day,