Weight loss myths – the worst ones keep people fat

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

I love myths. Especially when I find that I have been following things that I have been fooled by. As I drink my cup of Peet’s (no they don’t pay me and no you should not try Peet’s unless you like very strong and very bitter coffee) – it occurs to me the one myth is that people should give up coffee or tea for weight loss. In my first book (way back 10 years ago) I remember writing how that as a Norwegian I give weight loss surgery patients coffee in the recovery room. Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant – although if you put a bunch of stuff in it (adulterating the pure flavor for liquid candy) – you will get fat.

Protein – that steak is a diet food,or protein is a diet food and that if you eat that slice of bread you will bust your diet because of some strange biochemical pathway. Steak isn’t a diet food – although I like mine done first with Sous Vide and then a quick sear.

But the worst myths are the ones that are keeping people fat. You know that if you take two aspirin you can relieve a headache but no reasonable person would take a whole bottle at a time. Sugar is like aspirin. There is a dose above which you should not go. The American Heart Association has that as 24 grams for women and 36 grams for men. When weight loss surgery patients want to read labels on food – this is the one simple one to read. Know how much sugar you are taking in? Knowing that daily is the one thing you should record.

I wrote a blog about yogurt last week – and most yogurt has more sugar in it than ice cream. Take the Chobani Greek that has 23 grams of sugar (which is 1 gram less than the total recommended for females). A serving of my favorite ice cream has 15 grams of sugar. You thought yogurt was good for you? Who said that? Ever been a study in any scientific journal showing how yogurt helps you lose weight, or keep it off, or that it is a great source for any food? For my blog about yogurt – clickhere.

Protein bars – cost a lot, they have less protein than three ounces of salmon. Protein bars are not known for their taste, and I’d rather have a delicious Sous Vide salmon fillet – and a 3 ounce fillet of salmon has fewer calories than the average protein bar, and more healthy food that your guts can process. Speaking of Sous Vide salmon here is my favorite recipe. Plus salmon have those great omega-3 fatty acids that work better than fish capsules – that don’t really work at all.

So this week: did you make your goal? Weigh yourself (I won’t peak). If you made it, great. If not – now look back over what you ate and see what you could do better. In fact, this week here is your goal: keep your free sugar less than the American Heart Association recommends and see what happens to you next week.

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Have a great week – and thanks for reading this.