No room for fattening snacks or outdated concepts – the Atkins diet doesn’t work

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon


Good morning! Hope you are enjoying your morning beverage, this morning its my usual Peet’s coffee and sitting down relaxing for the first time in a few days is just fine with me.

The office moved to our new location, and spending a few days cleaning, organizing, tossing out, and tucking things in to the new location seemed like a metaphor that my successful patients go through as they lose weight.

The first thing patients do is realize that they are moving to a new location. A new healthier and better place. Also a smaller place. That means it is time to clean out the pantry before they make that move. Because there are things that as they go on their journey they no longer have room for. There is no room in the pantry for cheap snacks, candy, ice cream, soda, chips. My office is like that – in the old building I had a large office, my new private office is much smaller – the desk couldn’t even fit in it – so a lot of stuff had to go. Its ok – it wasn’t stuff that ever helped me in the first place.

On the other hand some parts of your new journey have more room.There is plenty of room for fruits, vegetables – lots and lots in fact. Have as much as you want – in fact, often my prescription for patients is to eat more of those, not less.

We have an old electronic medical record system, and we are changing over to a new one. My staff loves the old one, but we have to change – for a lot of reasons. But that is just programming – and you also have some old programmed ideas that just are not worth holding on to:

Meat and Protein are not sacred things that cause you to lose weight. Atkins diet didn’t work, nor did Paleo, nor did a lot of those protein based diets. You lost a lot of weight in water and something called glycogen. Then blamed the bread for causing weight gain. Getting rid of the idea that you have to eat so much protein is a good one, but difficult – a Porterhouse Steak is not diet food. Peanut butter isn’t a diet item, nor is cheese – packed with calories they are just forms of fat. “Cream Cheese” isn’t diet food – it is just something that helps people become a patient for my operating room.

So look at the things you eat daily – as you change your life it is time to move away from things, and move healthier things into your life.

New ways to eat: its ok to have that baked potato, it is fun to look up more recipes for vegetables and change them from the side dish to the main dish.

Fish – 20,000 types of edible fish – more than all the meat and vegetables living on land, and if you think you can’t eat fish that is – to quote my four year old “that’s silly.”

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