Eat right to feel good and lose weight – learn how to cook

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

Good morning! As I sit here drinking my Peet’s coffee I have to say that coffee makes me feel better. Not just a boost, but the flavor, and how I start my morning – which brings me to today’s question.

Is what you are eating making you feel better? Food should be something that gets you off the couch and back outside to play. Food should be something that provides you with energy. Food should be something that as you eat it you feel healthier, improved, and better and not just for a moment.

Here are two examples: one weight loss surgery patient told of how she would reach for the chocolate because she didn’t feel better and as she gained weight and became less mobile she realized the chocolate, and her other food, wasn’t making her feel better – it was keeping her on the couch. Maybe at one time it made her feel better – but that was years ago. She said for her chocolate and bad food was a drug, once gave her pleasure but now took away everything in life that really gave her pleasure.

The second was a weight loss surgery patient who never liked food. Would eat the most bland food, and lots of it – although not thinking he was eating too much. Food gave him no pleasure, and he hated to cook. When I pointed out that he was likely a “super taster” and was far more sensitive to food than most and could appreciate food more than most he was skeptical – so we got him cooking (against his better wishes). To read more about Sous vide is an excellent way to start cooking and lose weightsupertasters click here.

One weight loss surgery patient liked food that was overly sweet,but dessert was associated with joy, but it led to pain. The other never liked food, and as a result ate too much – and it led to pain. Both started to cook. Both discovered the joy of real food, they made – often simple to start out with – and realized (a) small bites of great food are wonderful (b) foods they didn’t think they like they became experts about (c) eating less, they felt better – especially since they moved from the big meal to two smaller ones.

To start most people out using Sous Vide cooking. For a quick primer check here. It is easy – relatively fool proof, and allows busy people a way to start cooking like the famous chefs in the US do.

So if you find your food isn’t making you feel better – then it is time to change what you eat. Most people think it is the weight that they need to lose – but it isn’t the weight, the weight is just a symptom of the disease – it is what you are eating. Time to change that – and that means – get in the kitchen.

This is Sunday – weigh yourself. Did you make your goal? Did you stay the same or did you gain? If you didn’t get there – what did you eat this last week?

For my weight loss surgery patients – we can continue the conversation on Google plus.

Have a great week – and lets cook!