The lifestyle for weight loss surgery success includes help from family and community

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

So last night I had this dream and since I just woke up I need to drink a bit more of my coffee – did you know that coffee is an appetite suppressant? Yes – ok, just checking.

I was in Toronto, and in this dream I was running to be superintendent of the school system. I was one of a number of people there, and the decision was going to be made by this small group of people. Behind me on the stage was my brother, he didn’t know I was going to do this, but he was clearly “standing behind me.”

The point of this is simple: The biggest change that is made in a person’s life is made by a small group of people – usually not just you. To move forward with important decisions you need a few simple people behind you – usually family supporting you, and the help of a community.

Changing what you eat, how you eat, and how you think about foodrequires a big change. Some people make the big change to have weight loss surgery – putting their life in the hands of a weight loss surgeon – but it does not end there. The big change comes in how they think about food, how they eat food, and knowing that if they want to be successful it won’t happen just because they have had weight loss surgery. For some the biggest change comes because they decide they want to cook.

Last week I wrote about how the FDA had recalled a number of “all natural” dietary supplementsbecause they contained a prescription drug – that has been recalled by the FDA because it increases the risk of heart attacks. Turns out the FDA has recalled about 100 of these medications over time. People want the “all natural” cure, even though the answer for obesity is not found in a pill, it is not found in a shake, it is not in a “work-out” program, it isn’t even found in weight loss surgery. That article is found here.

Last week I had a weight loss surgery patient come to my office I had been seeing for three years. She had weight loss surgery and initially lost about 20 pounds, but had not done much over the first two years. These patients are difficult – because they are frustrated at not losing weight and they have “tried” everything. Over the last year she has lost 80 pounds (an initial 20 for two years, then 80 more over this last year). I finally asked her, “What changed?” She pointed to her head and said, “It finally sunk in, the weight loss surgery is a tool, and I wanted this tool to do everything.” She eats better than she ever did, she eats more food, but less calorie dense. She eats a lot of vegetables: “I use to think vegetables were salads.” She gave me her recipe for Thyme Baked Alaskan halibut with a pea sprout salad and her own citrus vinaigrette. “I never cooked, I made reservations, my mom didn’t cook, her mom didn’t cook.” I will have those recipes up soon.

Big change – one brain.

As for me – well, I don’t think I want to be the superintendent of the school system in Toronto (although the dream had me thinking) – but we are making some big changes. Until then – have a great week.

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Have a great week