Want your obese children to lose weight? Observe what they eat!

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

Good morning! Did you ever wonder about why kids today are becoming obese? Or have you been to a mall and seen what the kids are eating?

While I start that question let me fix a cup of coffee, and this means grinding some Peet’s and putting the kettle on.

You’ve probably seen what kids eat if you observe them. Typically large drinks, lots of high calorie items like burgers, French fries. Here is the thing, if you ask parents about their kids and how many calories their kids consume they underestimate it by a lot. What was more surprising was that parents would buy those meals for their kids and often had no idea about how many calories they were getting for their children. For the full report about this click here.

It is common that when prospective weight loss surgery patients come into the office they have no idea how many calories they have consumed, and often don’t believe it when I tell them. Some outright say the numbers I give them are impossible, and think their bodies are an exception to the laws of physics and biology. But a part of the process of weight loss is less about counting calories but a large part about being calorie aware.

One of my favorite weight loss surgery patients told me her diet in great detail, down to how many shrimp she ate for dinner. Her calorie count was around 1000 calories per day of the food she ate – then she asked me how many calories were in a moo-latte – over 560, and she drank three a day. Once she changed to regular coffee the pounds magically melted off.

Liquid calories are often the ones that will get people in trouble: for some it is the sweet coffee drinks, for some it is the “healthy” protein shake they don’t need, and for some it is the soda. For others it is the wine.

We just celebrated Fourth of July – so perhaps it is time to gain some independence from liquid calories, and use liquids for hydration. My coffee is only about 20 calories a cup (I know you were wondering).

Summer is here and it is important to keep up with liquids. If you feel a bit tired, have some constipation, and more muscle aches- it is probably you are not drinking enough water – or you are drinking plenty but if you drink it all at once your body will filter it out quickly. So drink throughout the day – especially if you are outdoors.

Check your goal this week – see how you did, and if you didn’t make your goal – lets try to make the new week count.

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Have a great week,