You won’t burn fat all day when you eat high glycemic carbs like pasta, bread and sugar

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

Did you ever watch a TV show and want to scream at it? You probably know that I like watching cooking shows, and sometimes they mix in a bit of medicine with their food selections and — well, not only do they make a perfectly good cooking bit boring but incorrect. But as I think about it I need to get a second cup of Peet’s and be thankful that I have some real cream for it.

I was in Alaska at some meetings this last week, and we were updated about a genetic mutation that occurs among Eskimo children that leads to an inability to burn fat. This lead to the entire discussion over the years about what a proper diet should be- and how I love hearing the arguments about one diet is better than another (sorry, I just suppressed a yawn). In one of the new online magazines I made fun of them all (if you want to read that click here – it is a great on-line magazine, and if you want to get fit, subscribe to it).

Underneath all the diet nonsense you have heard about, or tried, about diets – there is some simple body biochemistry that you might consider.

If you want your body to stop burning fat, eat some sugar. It doesn’t have to be sugar, it can be candy, bread, pastry, or anything that has a lot of starches or simple carbohydrates. One of the reason low-carbohydrate diets work so well is people stop eating highly processed foods and sugars, and only eat foods that keep them in a bit of a fat burning mode.

Think about it: you work all day long, eat less, get the fat burning – then at the end of the day put in a bit of sugar just to stop the body from burning fat. Was that “treat” worth changing your body for? Yes- that simple little bit of dessert you had just altered your metabolism from “burn fat” to “stop burning fat, we have sugar here.”

Does that mean never touch sugar, or bread, or rice, or pasta? No – it means that you need to have some days where this is NOT what you eat, and you follow a fairly straightforward diet of a lot of vegetables, unprocessed fruits, and avoid the sugar. It means taking the day and having a bit of tuna fish starting about 9 am – a tablespoon an hour until lunch – and then notice you have less hunger – then repeat in the afternoon.

It means if you have a day of pasta, or bread, or sugar – it isn’t one of the days you will be burning fat – because as soon as your body gets the sweets, it turns fat burning off.

So if you want to burn some fat – think about what the day will be like, and decide if today will be aday you burn fat, or a day you don’t.

Just because my friend, Chris Brogan sent me some Maine chocolate doesn’t mean he is trying to sabotage me (he politely sent it on a non-fat burning day).

Ok – look over what you ate this last week. Did it get you to your goal? Did you lose some weight or maintain it? If not, what did you eat — because it is what you ate more than what you burned that will determine that.

For those wondering about the calorie myths of exercise, stay tuned- there will be a blog post explaining and citing that data on in the next week.

Have a good week, and don’t get too sweet,