Eat slow – eat small and lose weight while eating in restaurants

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

Have you ever been to an amazing restaurant that served you course after course over the a period of time and you left feeling satiated? Two weeks ago in Cabo, at Nick-Sans – a restaurant known for sushi, we had eight courses over a couple of hours. Leaving the restaurant not only did I feel satiated, but loved that every bite had a different flavor profile – a combination of Mexican and Japanese. Thinking I had over eaten my daily calorie limit in one meal I began to reflect about what I had eaten.  As each dish came, I had one slice of fish (there was only one course that had rice, and the size of that was a single bite, slightly larger than the sugar cube I put in this mornings cup of coffee).

In my kitchen lab I sliced some fish- sushi style (you need a surgical scalpel sharpness for this) and weighed them. Having photos of the dishes helped make certain my memory wasn’t faded. The total amount of fish, and other bits, eaten that night was less than 3 ounces. THREE OUNCES!!!!

Most people can eat three ounces of steak in about five minutes and still be hungry – and thereinlies the point.

Eating slowly, small bites of delicious food over time allows a person to eat less, to eat smarter, and feel as if you ate an incredible amount of food.

On Wednesday night there was a special dinner at Tarbell’s restaurant – five courses. Tarbell’s is not the typical American restaurant,  Mark Tarbell is an amazing chef, who believes in flavor, healthy, and local. The dinner lasted over two hours. No food course was more than one ounce of food – including the dessert.

All of that is on the news this weekthat the average entree and 1/2 appetizer at most chain restaurants is 1500 calories, and if you add dessert and a beverage you top out at over 2000 calories – and that is just one meal.

Two lessons: eating out at great restaurants with small plates is a lovely way to enjoy great food. Eating out at chain restaurants with large portions is a great way to become my patient. Taking time eating, allows your brain to “feel” full, and not over consume calories.

Eat small – take your time – eat healthy.

Now, there are 10,000 steps I have yet to take today. Where are you off to?