Good morning – and it is lovely here in Phoenix Arizona. This morning I am drinking some Invicta Dark whole bean coffee from Kent Coffee out of Ontario. My wife and son were there for part of the summer – and I have to say – lovely coffee, long finish, not bitter. So I am enjoying it, what are you enjoying this morning?

The frustrating part of weight loss is that it is difficult to lose weight, and it is difficult to maintain the weight loss, and it is difficult even when you have had weight loss surgery. So we have been looking at a few things to help with that and here is what we have discovered:

People who lose weight and are successful at keeping it off are not eating the same things they did before they lost weight. They are eating new foods, cooking most of their meals, and not relying on gimmicks for weight loss. Things they didn’t eat much of prior to weight loss: vegetables. Diets they went on most frequently that they called “successful” included “high protein” diets.

To lose weight eat two cups of vegetables a day – broccoli and corn on a plateI’m not a vegetarian, I love beef and lamb and fish – but lets put some of this in a perspective:

Salads are not a vegetable – mostly they are a delivery system for Ranch Dressing (which has more calories than you could ever imagine). When people say they love salads, and they have not lost weight – you have to wonder: if you do the same thing, and get the same result – isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Chicken isn’t a “great” protein. It has less fat, but is easy to overcook – and while America has been told that “red meat” is bad, when you examine the data – it just isn’t. Would you rather have four ounces of delicious thinly sliced steak, or a chicken breast? Now – a fully roasted chicken – like I love, is amazing, great flavors, smells, but chicken breasts remind me of cardboard.

To lose weight eat two servings of fish per week – fresh salmon being cleaned on a table. But the real vegetables: broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, green beans. Some of the fruits – like melons, or roasted tomatoes. Even a good potato (yes you were told it was bad, but it really isn’t).

So lets start off with a list to help with weight loss:
Daily: One cup of fruit, Two cups of real vegetables. Every day you must have this. Which means finding some new vegetable recipes. It also means that you will be eating a lot of vegetables that have a lot of great nutrients. So, it might look like this: breakfast: assorted fruit plate (or mid morning snack). Lunch: a melon, and some hummus, and lentil soup. Dinner 12 ounces of green beans with a mustard sauce.

To lose weight eat only one serving of dessert per week.

Twice a week: Fish

Once a week: dessert

Starting place for your list. Now – tell me the kind of vegetables you are going to put on it? And when you cook your beef – try it sous vide style like here.

Have a great week. For my weight loss surgery patients the conversation continues on our Google plus site.