Good morning! Last week I talked about exercise – and how that seven minutes a day could improve your health. Well, there is something that is even more important. And while you try to figure out what that is I am going to use my aeropress and make another cup of coffee. Funny thing about coffee – when you have a great cup you don’t need to hide the flavor with cream and sugar.

Seventy seven percent of successful weight loss surgery patients exercise – but 92% of successful patients cook. Not only do they cook their meals, but 85% never cooked before weight loss surgery. More startling – the foods they loved before they don’t love now. So when they “fall back” they are not falling back to the things they ate before, they are eating new foods.

So this is the fun part of weight loss. Finding new foods, cooking new things, making new preparations – and new flavors. Some of it is re-purposed food. Instead of grilling a chicken breast into a dry mess, they find they like flavors of the dark meat and cooking sous vide. When they go out to eat it isn’t the same old place, and they have developed a taste for newer and better nutrition.

How they view nutrition, their relationship with food, how they eat is different.

So what new dish are you going to try this week? Did you ever think that your favorite restaurant is a place that you never knew existed (or perhaps it didn’t exist)?

So if you find yourself “stuck” eating the same things – you need to break out of that and get something new – great foods, or change how you fixed the old foods. It is a new world – and when people say they “fall back” it is to old foods that they never replaced with newer ones.

One of the purposes of a liquid diet is to clean out the pantry – make some new menus, find great foods – and try them.

So – you want to “fall back” to the things that helped you gain weight? Or do you want to get a food passport – venture out into new and better things to eat that have flavor?

Go – weigh yourself. Weight loss is slow – but change is forever, so look at what you have eaten the last week – see if you made your goal. If you didn’t – we need to change food – and get up and move.

Discussion for my weight loss surgery patients continues on Google plus.

We have two courses for weight loss surgery patients – but we are about to add a new course about nutrition and it will have some cooking tips and menu plans and lists. Let me know if there is anything you want included.

Have a great week