Lose weight by eating proper meals

So imagine if someone told you that for seven minutes a day you could reduce your risk of heart attack. Do you have seven minutes? While you think about that I am going to make my second cup of coffee. I am writing from my parents house in Oregon, and my taste in coffee is not the same as my mom’s – so I bring my aeropress, Peet’s beans, and a grinder and make my own. They don’t like my coffee either – so we have a coffee detente.

I was also inspired by the son of a friend of mine. Here is what he said as he transformed his life: “My name is Jonathan, I’m fourteen and used to be what anyone would describe “The average teenager.” Like the many others in my age group I used to spend most of my time on the couch watching T.V. or playing video games, wasting time as I clicked away at the keyboard. Around 2012 or so I realized that what I was doing was anything but good and that I was setting myself up for disaster in the years to come. I recently went on the video games I used to play and checked the time played, what I found shocked me. The number totaled up to be 3,268 hours of game time, or about 136 days. In that time I could have learned a language, studied more, read more books, spent time with family or joined a gym.”

So what are you doing today? Did you know when we look at our weight loss surgery patients 77 percent of those who get to their goal and stay there have an exercise routine? Some of them it is walking, but they all have one. Did you know that 100 percent of those who don’t get to their goal have an excuse?

My favorite excuse of the week: “I can’t eat anything healthy, but I can eat cookies.” When I ask people to spend two minutes and write down every vegetable they know the most anyone has done is write down 14 and the average is 9. When I ask them to write down every dessert the average is 22. If you want to get healthy, it means finding new things that you like.

When I see someone tell me they “don’t eat red meat” but have obesity – it makes me wonder if they have fallen into the same trap that so many have. They eat yogurt and drink protein shakes and wonder why they are not losing weight or sustaining weight loss. How about looking at this as a proper mea? Shakes have a specific place, and that place is not in sustaining weight loss. Yogurt is not a health food – it is a sweeter version of ice cream.

Your job this week: find a new vegetable dish and try it. If you are in Phoenix Arizona I love what Mark Tarbell does with his vegetable dishes at his restaurant – but your job is not to find one eating out – but find a great recipe you like. And if you have not bought a sous vide unit yet – it is time to do that and learn to cook.

Weigh yourself today. Eat healthy this week. Get to your goal – and spend seven minutes running – no excuse.

For my weight loss surgery patients – we have a great private site on Google plus to continue the discussion – although I am going to be taking some time off for a short vacation. But go to my Google+ and put me in your circles.

Until next week: eat properly – run – and don’t worry about Ebola – that cookie will kill you faster.