The easy way to cook for Lap-band or Gastric Sleeve patients is Sous Vide

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

Mellow – a new sous vide technology for Lap-band or Gastric Sleeve surgery patientsIt is a fine morning and as I refill my cup of Peet’s Coffee this email is simply about cooking. I want to make cooking easy for you.

“But cooking isn’t easy – it is intimidating, it takes time – and it is easy for things to go wrong,” or so you say, “It is easy to grab something quick at a fast food place, or stop in at (insert name of restaurant here).”

But that never works as a long-term strategy for being healthy, or for maintaining weight loss, or losing more weight.

Sous Vide Cooking is a method of cooking that will allow you to cook food without over cooking it. Ask a Lap-Band or gastric sleeve, or weight loss surgery patient what foods they are having difficulty with and the non-cooks will mention chicken and eggs. Both are lean proteins (the egg came first, by the way). They are easy to overcook. They have little in the way of fat or connective tissue to protect the protein from overcooking.

Most restaurants overcook eggs (they come out like rubber) and overcook chicken (smothering it with sauces) – and the weekend griller has no chance to make good chicken (grills dry out chicken).

Sous Vide Cooking

By cooking the food in a constant temperature – usually in a water bath – you can have proteins that are not overcooked, but cooked perfectly every single time. It is the easiest way to learn to cook, and the easiest way to prepare food correctly without having to worry about over or undercooking.

It is a lot to put in an email – so I have a few blog posts about it.Here is the last one about the latest Sous Vide machine that I pre-ordered (and if you are serious, you should too). Not that I need another machine, but when you can put the salmon in the morning, the water is kept cool (refrigerated) and you can set it on your smart-phone to be ready at 6 pm, or 7 pm (or if you run late then change it) – and the meal is ready. You don’t have time to cook? You don’t have time for your health? Seriously – check this machine out. Click here.

This is how I recommend people start out cooking – with this method. From there we go to some simple oven baking, and grilling is last – because it takes a bit more to perfect that, although not too much.

Browse at my sous vide page (clickhere) or see my recipes on .

Think of it – you start cooking sous vide, not only will you have some great dishes to make for you and your family – but be at the start of the revolution of cooking that all the great restaurants are doing. Plus the price of the machines are coming down.

If you are a patient of mine – we have a Google plus community that is private. You need a Google plus account (they are free) and then find me and put me in your circles and I will invite you into the community. (Click here)

Ok – this week do some cooking. I am working on perfecting my tilapia recipe (they grow them near Yuma – amazing).