You can’t lose weight if you eat the same old foods

Dr Terry Simpson weight loss surgeon

A gracious good morning to you and if you celebrate on this day, then my best to you. So every morning when I write these notes to you I have to things that provide me with some company. My coffee, which is Peet’s with a touch of real cream. The other that I don’t talk about is my dog, Lucky. He and I are the early risers in the house, while my wife and son are in blissful sleep. So, as I go make another cup of coffee, Lucky will follow me into the pantry where I will dish out some of his favorite dog food and return to chat.

Two years ago Lucky had become a bit larger than average – he was 66 pounds, and barely making out of the doggie door. The vet told us it was time to change how we fed our dog. He made the usual joke about I should put a Lap-Band on my dog, but the message was this young dog should weigh ten per cent less, about 60 pounds, to have a nice healthy life.

What that meant was instead of a full scoop of dog food, he would get 3/4 of a scoop. No change in activity – no doggie gym membership. We didn’t change his dog food to “paleo” blend or “low-carb” blend or “vegetarian dog food” – could you imagine such a thing- talk about against nature, but I am certain someone has it — arg. It meant that we would regulate his scrapes from the table (call those snacks). If he had a few snacks, there would be no meal.

In the course of a few months Lucky was at 60 pounds, where he has stayed – he fits out the doggie door much easier, and we continue to follow that simple plan.

You may think that dog food sounds boring, although the scraps he gets from our table (lamb, steak, salmon, halibut) provide a fair variety. But he eats it- and he moves on. Trust me, if I walk into the pantry he will not turn down more food- he never would. He is that type of dog. I once had dogs that I could fill their dish in the morning and in the evening some would still be left – not Lucky. When Lucky was a puppy I made the mistake of putting a large amount of food in the bowl, and the poor little puppy looked like a snake that swallowed a cow until two days later when the remains were left in the grass and he wagged his tail again.

What We Eat is as Boring as Kibbles

What we eat, as humans, is mostly boring. When I ask people to make a menu plan the food choices are boring, even when some of my chefs who needed weight loss – their menu plans were boring. People eat the same thing – day in, day out. A few items in the morning (oatmeal, an egg, a protein shake) a few for lunch (a sandwich, a bit of chili) and a few more things for dinner. You get the idea. Often we have to change what they eat – to things that are better for them – even though they think peanut butter is protein (it isn’t) or that yogurt and salad and raw vegetables are good for them (they aren’t). But those who change- and then with the new items have a portion size that is less – they do well.

What You Ate Before is Keeping You Where You Are

Who doesn’t do well? Can you guess? Those who “fall back”eating the same things they did before. Sometimes they argue saying that what they ate before was healthy or good for them (“I love salads,” “I ate healthy,” or “I ate low-carb.” I ate out at “subway and made good choices”).

So here is the trick: making up new items – learning to cook them. The new items should have a proper portion size. The best way to cook – or learn to cook is Sous Vide (if you don’t have one of these in your kitchens you should). Portion size smaller (a whole sandwich is a good portion for someone who is 6 foot 6 inches and all muscle, if you are not then a half or quarter that portion is more appropriate for a meal).

Then, like Lucky, you will lose some weight – you will eat some really great food, and you will not snack, and you will find a better life.

I’m off to take Lucky for a walk – after all, if I get 10,000 steps he loves it

Have a good week- get boring