Identify your favorite foods that cause you to gain weight

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Good Day and happy birthday to Thomas Jefferson. So I have a question for you: What is your favorite meal? If you had a choice of any food in any location, what would be your favorite, or top three meals? While you consider that I am going to have my second cup of Peet’s coffee. I grew up in Alaska and my parents always had Hills Brother’s Coffee. For years that red can was a staple in our house. Hills Brothers use to be in stock in most grocery store shelves around the nation, but now it isn’t. When I talk about coffee, my parents think fondly back to that – so I was excited to find that the company is on-line and my parents will be getting some K-cups with Hills Brothers. I wonder if my son will grow up thinking those brown bags of beans from Peet’s are a part of his childhood?

That wasn’t just about coffee – nor are these emails. It was a memory of childhood, and something that binds me to my parents, a memory of a beverage. Food provokes powerful memories – and it should. No doubt the survival of our ancestors was because they could remember that certain foods made them sick, and certain ones sustained them.

Chances are your favorite food as a child isn’t your favorite food now.Chances are your favorite restaurant now wasn’t always your favorite restaurant.

So were I to list my favorite mealstoday I would say:

  • Sushi and Sashimi from Nick Sans in Cabo (looking for a good sushi place in Phoenix Arizona, taking all recommendations)
  • Alaskan Salmon (sous vide) with fresh asparagus
  • Alaskan Halibut (baked) with a tangy slaw

Two of those are like “home” because you would think growing up in Alaska I would have loved salmon. My mom made versions of salmon several times a week – and by the time I left Alaska for college I was sick of salmon. I went to college in the mid west and avoided salmon at every opportunity. Then one day I went home to Ketchikan, and mom was making salmon. I rolled my eyes but after the first bite I realized I had missed something for years, and couldn’t get enough – the next day my dad and I went fishing (took us an hour to catch our limit of six salmon – in Alaska it is more catching than fishing).

Tastes change – and something that you think you didn’t like as a child, or that you had some exposure to will alter with time. I didn’t like asparagus, broccoli, or Brussels sprouts growing up – and enjoy them now.

Sustainable weight loss comes from when people do two things:

Identify the foods that got them in trouble – or the source of those foods. For me it was eating out at America’s chain restaurants (remember Bennigans?). When I spent three months eating out at such I gained thirty pounds. Finding the source of the foods – and sometimes the nature of the foods, is an important step in changing what you are doing.

The second is being willing to try something new and different. Your new favorite food is something you haven’t had before – or if you are lucky it is. Your new favorite restaurant you have not tried yet.

Ever had great sashimi? I use to think that sushi and sashimi were a fad, that they were what we, in Alaska called “bait.” When I had my first it didn’t impress me, then had some that provided unique flavors and combinations – and now sashimi is one of my favorite dishes.

So here is your thought for the week: find something new that you haven’t tried, and try it. Make food an exploration. Here is the second thought for the week: if you have gained weight, then look at the food you have eaten over the week and find out what may not be right for you. Gaining weight, unless you need to, means that something you ate was working against you.

Last week I put in an extra character in a link. Sorry. To find me on Google plus go here. If you are a patient of mine identify yourself and we will invite you into our private support group (it is also for those people who have taken the on-line courses about either the gastric band or the gastric sleeve).

My blog this week is dedicated to fish – posts are there about mercury, about farmed fish, and other issues. So if you have a chance check out my blog here.

I’m off to find some perfect recipes for Tilapia and Arctic Char.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!


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