This is true about any weight loss surgery. The doctor would have you taking short walks the day after your surgery. Whatever you do don’t push it and strain yourself. Start taking short easy walks and gradually turn it up. If you haven’t exercised before, you should know that not doing it contributed to you becoming overweight. Studies show that people that remain stationary frequently are obese. If you are a stationary person, you might want to look into activity monitors. They let you know if you have been laying around too long. So add the walking habit to your weight loss plan. Not only will you heal more quickly from surgery – you’ll lose weight much more quickly in general if you do.

Overview of Post Op Gastric Sleeve

Day 1-4 – clear liquids only. Coffee, tea, broth.  Caffeine is ok – encouraged! Use salty broth not low-sodium

Day 4-28 Full liquids.  No food during this time. Just liquids – stomach is healing

Day 28-35 Soft Foods – things like tuna-salad, baby food, puree.

Drinking after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Drinking healthy fluids is key to healthy living and always remember – water is king. Other good things to drink: coffee, tea, and chicken broth. Drinking fruit juices that are high in sugar will result in weight gain. The worst and most common infractors are:  Grape Juice, Apple Juice and Orange Juice. Many exotic juices such as mango are really high in sugar too. So look at the label before you drink. Iced Tea, especially green tea, is extremely high in antioxidants and is not sweet. Once again, no carbonated drinks ever.

Your doctor will tell you how much your sleeve will hold. You can drink the prescribed amount every 20 minutes. It is important to drink this amount and only this amount. Even if you do not “feel” full or your thirst is not quenched, you must stop. Over-drinking can cause you to rupture the healing staple line. The typical stomach capacity will be 4 ounces.

Gastric Sleeve surgery limits the amount you can drink at one time. Remember – never gulp, small sips only.

Vitamins after Gastric Sleeve surgery

  • Liquid vitamins or children’s chewable multiple vitamins with iron – twice a day

Clear liquid diet for the first three days after Gastric Sleeve surgery

Clear liquid – a watery fluid you can see through. Just liquid. NO solids whatsoever.

Test everything you are not sure will agree with you. Coffee, tea, water, and chicken broth are good starts. Most fruit and vegetable juices will agree with you. But it’s best to take your time and make certain by taking a couple of small sips and waiting until you know your stomach accepts it. Drink anything in doubt or new to you a couple of sips at a time and then wait. Drink the entire portion using this method if the juice is new to you.

REMEMBER: do not exceed your stomach’s capacity (your doctor will tell you what this is)

  • Protein – obviously you are not going to get any protein from a full liquid diet (below). So you should add protein to your liquid diet to promote healing. There are many liquid proteins available at vitamin stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Isopure is a clear liquid protein drink you can get from most grocery stores.
  • Clear broth or bouillon – chicken, beef, or vegetable. Any bland, clear broth or bouillon is good.
  • Fruit and vegetable juice – No juice drinks or juice cocktails. What we really want you to do is get a juicer and/or squeezer and make your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices. There will be much less sugar in fresh fruit juice and way more nutrition and natural vitamins. It’s very important that you strain any pulp out of juice until it is perfectly clear. If it’s new to you test it first (see above). Avoid vegetable juice that may be hard on the stomach (i.e. radish, onion, parsley)
  • Coffee and hot tea. Stevia is a good sweetener (I hate it- think it tastes like electrical tape). Dairy and non-dairy creamer are okay.
  • Iced tea: regular, green or herbal. Unsweetened is best.
  • Sports drinks such as Gatorade or PowerAde. These can support electrolyte balance. Try and get one that is lower in sugar and salt (Hypotonic).
  • Frozen treats made of clear liquid such as popsicles and Italian ice are good for an occasional treat. Make certain the ones you choose are clear liquid with no solids in them. Popsicles will be sweetened with fructose. So Italian ice sweetened with cane sugar is best.

Remember – no carbonated beverages ever

A word on sugar – We want you to as a rule learn to limit consumption of fruits with a high sugar content. But now right after surgery we lift that rule (a little) because you need nourishment.

Artificial sweeteners – It has been proven that the human body reacts to chemical sweeteners the same way it reacts to sugar. Because artificial sweeteners taste sweet, the body starts storing carbs as fat just the same as when you eat sugar. Add to that the danger of consuming chemicals that make up artificial sweeteners you can see why we would rather have you just use sugar. Use products that contain pure cane sugar. High fructose corn sugar converts to fat ten times faster than cane sugar (because it is a smaller molecule) – avoid it. Make sweet foods and drinks a very, very occasional treat. Don’t use it every day. Get away from the sweeteners and that sweet sense.

Drugs you can’t take for two weeks after having Gastric Sleeve surgery

Brand names and generic names are included in the list below. You need to learn the generic names so you can identify them in drug labels.

A.S.A. EnsealsAdvil
Alka SeltzerAnacin
Anacin Tablets/Caplets Maximum StrengthAnaprox
Anaprox DSAncid Ansaid
Arthritis Strength Tri-Buffered BufferinAscriptin A/D Caplets
Ascriptin Extra Strength CapletsAsperbuf
Aspergum Aspirin – all Brands including Children’sAspirin
BC Powder/Cold PowderBufferin – Regular & Extra Strength
Cama Arthritis StrengthCataflam
DisalcidDoan’s Pills
Ecotrin Caplets/Tablets/Maximum StrengthEmperin
Excedrin – any typeFeldene
Lodine MagnaprinMaprin/Maprin 1-B
Measurin MediprinMeclomen
Midol Caplet/200Mobigesic Motrin
NaprosynNaprosyn Norwich Tablets
NorgesicNuprin Caplets/Tabs
Orudis P-A-C AnalgesicPamprin
Pepto-Bismol –any typePersantine

Drugs that are safe to be taken right after having Gastric Sleeve surgery

Again you should learn the generic names for these drugs so you can take advantage of lower priced brands.

DimetappDulcolax – suppositories
Fleets enemaGas-X
ImodiumMilk of Magnesia
TriaminicsTylenol cold products
Tylenol Extra strength