A Study of bariatric procedures by Stanford University looked at the reaction of chromosome caps when people lose pounds. Also known as telomeres, chromosome caps can grow longer in people who have weight loss surgery. When this happens, you are truly reversing the clock – literally growing younger. Shortening telomeres are indicative of the aging process. Old and obese people have short chromosome caps – they grow shorter as we age. Chromosome caps (telomeres) are DNA connected to proteins on the ends of chromosomes. When a cell divides telomeres get shorter. They get shorter and shorter each time the cell reproduces (divides) until they ultimately die. So, if you could find a way to keep your telomeres long and reverse your genetic age (your real age), would you do it?

We’re not talking about using a wrinkle cream or doing cosmetic surgery. We are talking about stopping and reversing your biological clock – going in the direction of becoming a baby instead of a corpse. Think of it – your body becoming more inclined to grow fresh wrinkle free skin and for it to tighten up into muscle instead of poisonous flab. If you could do that, would you?

The Stanford study requires more research about the correlation between long telomeres and youth. But, if you are even slightly overweight your health is not as good as it could be with a low body fat. We believe if you are approaching 50 pounds overweight, you are aging faster. You may be diabetic and your heart and vascular system may be collecting the plagues that will kill it. With a compromised cardiovascular system, all of your organs and systems are super aging because of reduced blood flow. Imagine reversing that – changing the direction of your aging process. If the Stanford study is true, not just at a vascular level but at a genetic level too. Your cells could reproduce healthier cells that make up your organs, bone, muscles and skin – that equates to younger flesh.

Now you’re probably thinking we are trying to hand you a line. Nope, this is the truth. You can drastically improve your health and appearance simply by losing pounds. Don’t run off and get a weight loss procedure right away. Try and learn how to lose weight using diet and exercise. It really is doable, especially considering the consequences and the gains. But if you absolutely can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try, come and see the weight loss doctor, Terry Simpson. He is one of the most experienced weight loss surgeons in Phoenix Arizona and the world. He knows how you can lose weight and reverse the aging process.

The Stanford study indicated that the sickest bariatric surgery patients received the greatest age reversing benefits from lengthened telomeres. Those who lost over 71% of their excess pounds lowered their C-reactive protein (CRP – an indicator of inflammation) 60% or more, insulin levels dropped 400% and their LDL (bad) Cholesterol dropped too. It is truly amazing that just losing pounds can improve your health and possibly your genetics to become younger.

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