While not everybody is overweight, the percentage of those who are has been steadily rising over the years. Obesity is an epidemic in the United States that is growing and growing.  The Lap-band is placed around the top of the stomach, causing a little pressure that heightens the sensitivity of the nerves that sends the signal to the brain that you are hungry. So when food passes by the band the heightened signal makes you feel you’ve eaten Thanksgiving Dinner after only eating a little tiny Lean Cuisine.

Gastric Plication is the most reversible bariatric surgery ever. The stomach is made much smaller by folding or inverting it into itself. The whole stomach is still there. Nothing is taken away. Normally the stomach will hold about two liters. With a plication, the stomach will hold only about eight ounces allowing you to feel full much sooner.

Jineane Ford, a patient, couldn’t believe how easy it was to have the surgery. Her procedure began at 1:00 PM. She was out of surgery and left the hospital at 4:00 PM. While it’s still considered major a major operation, it’s laparoscopic and minimally invasive. Jineane noticed a change in her appetite immediately. It was huge. The best thing is that she has kept her extra 60 pounds off for five years and she is off blood pressure medication.