How to start and stick with an aerobics program

Many of you have spent time and money on losing weight and find the result not being exactly what you wanted.  You not only want to be thin, you want to be firm.  The only solution for you is exercise.  Even body sculpting surgery will not supply a firm body.   Many of you were in the position of being overweight partly because you ate too much of the wrong foods.  Overlooking genetics, most people are overweight because they don’t exercise.  Many were fit much earlier in life when it was easy.  They forgot how much of a commitment it is and expect it to be as easy as it was…before they really got out of shape.  This is an uphill battle that can only be won over the long run.  Many of you have been beaten time and time again.

How do you develop the ability to stick to an exercise program?

You must have known someone that has the discipline to exercise on a continuous basis.  They may have talked to you about it, typically by telling you that they are busy on a particular day or hour because they have to workout.  It is a facet of living that many people just can’t bring into their lives.  You may be one of those people that just can not sustain an exercise discipline no matter how hard you try.  You may trivialize it as an easy thing anyone can do, something that requires little thought.  But for some reason you just can’t bring yourself to doing it for an extended time.   Why is that?   Maybe it’s not as easy as it appears to be?  You must mentally position yourself to do exercise.

Fitness is ritual…NOT pleasure

This is THE mantra for anyone who desires to make fitness part of their life. Seeking to derive pleasure from physical exercise is the biggest mistake a person can make when trying to build the discipline to exercise into your life.  If you have attempted to exercise throughout your lifetime and failed, you have to know the solution to get you to exercise will not be simple.  If you have never exercised throughout your lifetime, your body AND mind has been trained  to not exercise.  Your whole physiology is that of an entity not in motion.  Some scientists believe that your genetics become altered.  Keep in mind that nothing worth possessing is easy to obtain, particularly resolutions to lifelong issues.

Exercise appears to be one of those things you can’t fix…

…but it CAN work if you have faith and discipline.  Exercise never offers an instantaneous resolution.  Success with exercise is always a long-run game.   But, the wonderful thing about exercise is that you are in complete control.  It will never fail to work for you if you learn how to apply that control.

Exercise is a long-run game that will work for you

It only works over time.   People frequently become conditioned to believe that long-run solutions don’t work.  People either make exercise way too hard or way too easy.  There is a middle-ground path that you must learn how to see and follow in order for you to succeed.  As you become fit, you become more aware of higher standards of fitness.