Mastering the Lap-band course – how to use this phenomenal weight loss surgery

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Doctor Terry Simpson. I want to talk to you about our new course the we’re really excited about called ‘Mastering the Lap-band.” This is for mastering Lap-band surgery. Maybe you’ve had Lap-band surgery for awhile and lost track of how it works? Maybe you just didn’t have that much support? Maybe you need a restart? Maybe this is the time when you say, ” I want to take this seriously and learn about this tool.” Maybe you’re tired of fighting Lap-band surgery and you want to be able to use it better and have more success with weight loss surgery.

Mastering Your Lap-Band Course


What we’ve done is taken the best of our successful patients’ habits and condensed them into this ten week course. We are going to cover a lot of topics. One of the big topics we are going to cover is lifestyle. Because that is the key. It’s not the Lap-band that should be mastering you. It’s about you mastering your Lap-band surgery. Where’s the first place you master It? Right here in the kitchen. We are going to spend a lot of time teaching you how to cook. You are going to learn how Lap-band surgery works. Some simple stuff such as what to do when you’re on vacation or traveling a lot for work. What to do if you’re a busy mom or busy executive.

We are going to bring you back into your kitchen (or get you in there for the first time). You are going to learn what we call our “Be” attitudes, like: when you sit down to a meal be prepared, be healthy, be ready to eat it, and be patient. Learn how to master your Lap-band surgery. It’s a great course. It’s the best of what we do. Try it! I think you’ll like it.

Have you had Lap-band surgery and lost your support?
Maybe your weight loss surgeon has changed locations. More likely you have moved away from your doctor due to a job change or maybe a marriage. You may have learned how to master your own support and are doing just fine on your own. But some of you need help. We know it. Because the causes for overeating are not always hunger. Possibly you just love food too much. In any case, you have problems eating a small portion of food and waiting for your hunger to subside. Maybe your surgeon just didn’t give you the proper support. This happens more often than you think it would. So, you may be eating the same food you were prior to getting your bariatric operation. If no one taught you how Lap-band surgery works at the outset, please know that there are some basic lifestyle changes you must learn for your procedure to fully work.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss surgery are like Eastern philosophy, easy to understand but difficult to really do without guidance and support. Dr. Terry Simpson is the most experienced weight loss surgeon in the Phoenix Arizona valley. Because he has been around longer than all the other Lap-band surgeons in Phoenix AZ, he has more knowledge and a larger base of patients in his weight loss surgery support groups. Many of our support group members take great joy in helping their fellow weight loss surgery patients. If you need help, real support at the moment of truth when you are weakest, you can find friends in our support groups who will be there for you to guide you away from eating something you really don’t want to eat. Someone you can call just in the nick of time when you are tempted, when you are thinking about eating something you know will cause you to gain weight (like a second helping of cake).

So if you are looking for top quality Lap-band surgery support in the Phoenix Arizona valley. You just found it. Give us a call. Join weight loss surgeon Dr. Terry Simpson’s team of winners. It’s the next best thing to getting weight loss surgery from him.