If there’s one thing you need to know about the Lap-band, it’s this. The band does not work when you eat. The band works two hours later. Here’s the deal. People used to think that the Lap-band worked by holding food in the pouch it forms at the top of the stomach. It doesn’t work that way. Food goes by the band very very quickly. The faster it goes by the band, the better it controls your appetite. What the Lap-band does is cause food to put a little pressure on the nerves in your stomach that send a signal to your brain that you are full. It tells the brain you have eaten more food than you really have. Now that doesn’t affect feelings of fullness when you eat. But it does affect when your brain will produce hunger hormones later.

Don’t depend on the Lap-band for a feeling of fullness
If you depend on the Lap-band for a sensation of fullness while you eat – If you depend on the band to make you feel full – if you depend on the Lap-band to make you feel satisfied – the band won’t work. But if you depend on the Lap-band like this – you eat a regular amount of food, a small portion of food – a half a cup of meat, fish or poultry and three quarters of a cup of vegetables, then let the Lap-band do its job. Then you are not going to be hungry until your next meal. If you are hungry before, you need to have an adjustment. So this one simple thing – learning how the Lap-band works, that it doesn’t work when you eat – but that it works two hours later (after you eat) will help you get back on track, lose weight with the Lap-band and not get into trouble. The main reason people get into trouble with the band or they don’t lose weight with the Lap-band is because they think it should work when they eat. It just won’t do that.