You get something stuck. This is your body’s attempt to get this material through your Lap-band.  You may not always burp up the food, or vomit it — your body will first try to slide it through with its own lubrication.  If you start to salivate and slime you need to think about what you ate– was it something that became stuck?  The worst offender is chicken that is fibrous — like chicken that has been microwaved.

The second reason is you ate too big a bite of something. Part of the learning process is to eat smaller bites.  If you eat a large bite and swallow it, it physically cannot get through the Lap-band.  So again, your body will try to push it through.  Take your time and cut your food.  Do not put anything in your mouth larger than the fingernail of your pinky finger.

The third reason is you ate too much.  If you eat too much you pack your pouch your body wants to push through food.  This is a very dangerous thing to do.  Over filling your pouch can lead to a slip — which means another operation — good for surgeons, bad for patients.  So, measure your food.  Do not overeat your pouch.  Other signs of over eating your pouch can be a pain in the left shoulder or the back.

The final reason is you ate too fast.  Eating too fast is something you must change.  You must take your time to eat — strange as it might seem, people who don’t sit down to eat a defined amount of food never lose the weight they should — probably because they snack all day long.  This is how Olympic athletes get so many calories– and since you don’t have time to eat properly, I am sure you won’t have six hours a day to be in a gym.  One busy mother — she has six kids — and has been successful related how she eats with the Lap-band.

She prepares her food — carefully measuring it out and putting it on a plate with silverware — and a napkin.  She sits down, after drinking a glass of water, and carefully has a first bite.  Often she is interrupted with settling a dispute, comforting a crying child, but she goes back.  After 30 minutes she clears the plate and no longer eats until the next meal.  She is at goal, at 140 pounds and five foot seven inches, and still runs after her kids — just with a lot more energy (since she is 110 pounds lighter).

So, if you are sliming — think about what you have done.

Here are a few hints: avoid rice, pasta, and bread — especially with chicken.  But they can all get stuck.  Do not eat pizza or pastry — the risk isn’t worth a slice of pizza.